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Currently working on my late father-in-law's tree, mostly centred in London. It is essentually updates, having studied this tree in 2014 and 2016

Sunday 17th March 2019

As you are aware, the Mays are inextricably linked with the Hodds, so I always move on to them next.

Agnes V Hodd - see 16th Jul 2016 - nothing new, despite a long search for her death (in my database programme I have a note "died 1971 in Lambeth" but I can't find a record and I don't know where that information came from).

Albert Victor Hodd - see 26th June 2014 & 19th July 2016 - 

He was baptised on 26 Oct 1898 with brother William, who died very soon afterwards unfortunately. No scan of marriage as it took place in Lincolnshire, not covered by Ancestry. Likewise burial, although this occurred in London. Edith died at 157 Hyde Tower, Regency Street, London on 14 Jul 1974, leaving £469, presumably to Albert, who died at the very end of 1978. I suspect he was cremated at Manor Park on 29 Dec 1978 and his death was registered in the New Year in the Westminster registration area.

Alfred William Burgess Hodd
- see 19th July 2016 - Cliff's second cousin, who lived so close to Lollard Place (as I said in 2016 "little did I know when I stayed with my grandparents in the early '60s only a couple of streets away that my future husband's relatives were so close") 1949-1962 in Doris Street. Then in 1964 they (he and his mother) can be seen at 18 Malmsey House, Vauxhall Street (where my mother went to school) and this was where his mother died in 1974 and was cremated at Lambeth Crematorium in Tooting. Alfred remained there for a while, but electoral roll records then stop until his death on 8 Dec 1989, registered in the Greenwich registration area, and he was cremated on 28 Dec that year at Eltham Crematorium, which is incidentally where my father was cremated and his ashes were interred in 1986.

Amy Hodd didn't last long but managed to generate some records, although unfortunately not scans. She was born in June 1850 in Leaves Green, Cudham, Kent and baptised there on 14 July
St Peter & Paul church Cudham
The following March the 1851 census was taken and she can be seen at Leaves Green with her parents and brother. Unfortunately she died a few weeks later aged just a year and was buried, probably in the churchyard above.

Arthur Augustus Hodd - see 30th Jun 2014 & 23rd July 2016 - brother of Albert above.
There is no scan for the marriage, even though Surrey records ostensibly go to 1933. I still have no luck in sorting out the children either. Arthur died at 32 Grant Road, Addiscombe (where he had lived for at least 30 years) aged 69 and left £1175. Dorothy had gone in 1947, aged only 38.

Saturday 16th March 2019

William John May 1 - Cliff's Uncle Bill - see 23rd Jun 2014 & 11th July 2016 - I have tracked down his baptism and it tallies with the dob he gave in 1939, so that's good!

I can't find a nice scan of the troublesome marriage in 1939, as Ancestry London marriages stop at 1932. I think what happened was (and of course I may be wrong) Jane Belsham changed her name on the run-up to WW2, but when Bill found he had married a girl with a false name, he married her again in 1941 under her real one. The government found out about this in 1949, so added the note to the Register. Maybe the other Stella was her sister, as she was at the same address in 1939. Anyway, it was all sorted except that I couldn't find a death in either name, or even (as it turns out) for Bill - the death I favoured for him turned out to be a baby. I wish I could ask Cliff if he knew where his uncle died, and when. He was last seen in my records at 76 Worham Road, Hornsey in 1965, but the only cremations I can find around that time in London were both in Lambeth. There were several cemeteries within a couple of miles of that address

William John May 2 was his uncle - see 23rd Jun 2014 - twin of John
I know that he died on 20 Dec 1890 aged 35 at 14 Market Street, Southwark, as I have his death certificate. The nearest burial I can find is 4 Dec 1891 in Brompton, which is not feasible. I can't find a burial for Ellen, although I do know that she died in Jul 1919 probably in Goda Street, where she was living with daughter Rosina, registered in Southwark.

Friday 15th March 2019

Thomas William May - see 20th June 2014 - scans
I have also seen a document which may relate to him, aged 16, dated 27 Oct 1859, joining the Merchant Navy and being posted aboard the "Lustre". However, I can't be sure, as no address is given. And by 1861 he was back in Lambeth, working in the bone yard. After marrying Martha at St John the Evangelist, Waterloo, he lived for a while in Clerkenwell, then they settled in Islington. Other "new" records relate to their final years. On 25 Apr 1908 Thomas was admitted to St John's Road Workhouse, then discharged to Banstead Asylum on 1 May, which explains why he died out of the area. Evidently he was ill, although no details were given, and his death was reigistered in July in the Epsom registration area. So in 1911 census Martha can be seen widowed, in St Luke's Workhouse, Shoreditch, listed again as Char but this evidently didn't bring in enough to keep her out of the Workhouse. She was buried on 28 Oct 1914 in Islington Cemetery (home address 21 Lowman Road)

interred in plot O/20026 with 13 others over a period of a month. No doubt this was one of those public plots and there is no marker.

William May Senior
- Cliff's great great grandfather - see 21st June 2014 & 11th July 2016 - I think the correct marriage is 29 Jul 1811 at St Sepulcre Northampton

As you can see they were both "of this parish", so it looks like the end of the London connection (there is a birth in the area in 1791, although in 1841 census there is a "yes" against born in Surrey). As I have outlined, they spent the 20 years of their marriage working their way slowly northwards up the river bank towards Westminster Bridge and Ann died in 1831 living at Stangate Street. She was buried at St Mary's on 26 Oct, joining daughter Sarah.

[not sure why the confusion with her middle name, if they weren't sure I would have thought they'd leave it out]
Hence the 1841 census in Griffin Street, William 55 year old (give or take) waterman and daughter Mary aged 20. When he died, William was buried in Islington on 28 Apr 1844; presumably one of those burials I have mentioned at this time, where there was no longer space locally, so bodies were transferred to other areas some miles away.

William May Junior, his son, see same dates - 
I  mentioned that he was originally a carman then followed his father into the occupation of Thames Waterman. I have seen a document swearing him into the Worshipful Company of Paviours through the membership of his father, giving him Freedom of the City. They were a livery company responsible for the laying down and maintenance of the highways. I understand how a cabman would need to be involved if he could as it was important to travel on good surfaces. The Watermen/Lightermen equally needed good travel logistics. William Senior was a member in 1808, Junior joined in 1834. In 2016 I still had a gap in his story in 1860s & early 70s, but despite a thorough search, I still cannot track down the census returns.

As you can see from the scan of their marriage, Elizabeth was a minor, William of "full age". What it doesn't say is that she was just 19, he 48! I suspect this is why the returns are elusive; they lied about their ages, and who knows what else! He died aged 62 in Apr 1873, giving home address of 2 Wellington Road, Stockwell, buried in one of the reused plots (31/13844) at Norwood Cemetery, one of 12 burials in that plot over a period of a year

William Frank May - see 22nd June 2014 - where I told the whole story. Scans:baptism
No burial scan I am afraid, but I do know it took place on 2 Jan 1915 in Morden, Surrey, his death registered in Battersea on the last few days of December 1914.

Monday 11th March 2019

Sarah May - one of Cliff's great great-aunts - see 13th June 2014.
But first a quick summary of St Mary's Church Lambeth: the original building was pre-Norman, owned by Countess Goda, the sister of Edward the Confessor (hence Goda Street), made part of the lands of the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1197. The body of the church was rebuilt in flint and stone 1374-7, but an account in 1791 stated that only one tower remained of this. Over the centuries various changes were made and in 1972 it reached the end of life as a church and was deconsecrated. It was due to be demolished but has several famous people were buried there, including the Tradescant family, naturalists and garden experts, so the building was reinvented as a museum of garden history. Also interred there were Admiral William Bligh (famous for the Mutiny on the Bounty). Elizabeth Howard Boleyn (mother of Anne), Peter Dollond (famous optician and telescope-maker) and of course many Archbishops of Canterbury who served under many sovereigns. 

I remember it as a church and my auntie was married there in Oct 1963. I have searched through the records but cannot find any family members in the burial records. This is, I understand, because there were 26,000 burials there of which 570 had memorials/stones. I have looked through these for you, and found nothing familar. But of course, something may pop up at any time with no stone etc recorded.
Returning to Sarah, she was born, christened and buried locally, at the Eastern end of Lambeth Bridge, by Lambeth Palace, and had no memorial herself
The church is bottom middle of this map (where Lambeth Bridge is now) and they lived at Bishops Walk/Stangate Street, just north of the palace (all St Thomas' Hospital these days)
baptism 1818
burial 1826
I understand some of the burials were relocated when the church closed, but not that of a child from 150 years before, I would have thought.

Sarah Elizabeth May
- also see 13th June 2014 - I cannot locate a baptism for her and she didn't marry. I mentioned in 2014 that she left her effects to an Alice Fanny May, who I was going to investigate. The lady I found, however, was married 25 years before, so was not May. I see now that her niece, who I have always known as Fanny, could well be the legatee; she was also employed as a servant in Islington when I lost track of her...

Sybil May - see 5th July 2016 - nothing new, except her address at death was Oakbeam Cottage, High Street, Haddenham and she left £3843.

Thomas May
- see 20th June 2014 & 6th July 2016 - Cliff's great grandfather and brother of Sarah above. 

Thomas Joshua May - Cliff's uncle - see 20th June 2014 & 11th July 2016 - was his grandson, born where his grandfather died, in Walworth. But he was one who was moved to Leicester for a few years, so fragmented his story.
The family was back in London in 1892, when he was 8, living in 90 Regent Street (which was renamed the next year and became Ethelred Street, as it remained until 1970s), then Goda Street, a turning off Ethelred, until he joined the Navy on 6 Sep 1907, in the Light Infantry, Chatham Division - see 2014 for his postings etc In 1920 he was back at 18 Prince's Square with his family until his marriage in 1932, when they settled in Ilford. I have had another look ar 1939 Register, and the redacted line is still hidden so am none the wiser. Fast-forwrd to his death in 1961, it appears this was in Wanstead Hospital, home address still Endsleigh Gardens, when he left £314 to Muriel. She, as I said in 2014, remained there for some years. I do now know that when she died in 1975 she was resident in Goodmayes Hospital, which was a mental health institution. She died on 25 Apr, leaving £1896.
[I think it may be closed now, services referred elsewhere and the site due for development into housing]

Sunday 10th March 2019

Phoebe Mary May - see 6th June 2014 & 4th July 2016


Phyllis G J May - see 9th June 2014 & 5th July 2016
No scan of the marriage, I am afraid, but I have had another look at 1939 Register. William is now unredacted and I can see that there is only one hidden line now in their household, the other three belong next door. I have no idea who this could be, so will have to wait a few more years... I don't know now who led me astray weith the death in 1953, as I have found a death record in Henley in Jun 1942.

Rachel Sarah May, another of Cliff's great-aunts, - see 9th June 2014 - faded out after 1871 so I had a good look for more
and managed to solve the riddle, much to my surprise. Apparently she was married aged 16 to another teen Henry Joseph Miller
and they had two children, Beatrice May Miller in 1887 and Henry (Harry) in 1889. As I cannot locate ythem in 1881 census, there may be more older children who have slipped through the net. She did confuse me by being known as Sarah and there was another Sarah married to a Henry Jasper Miller, both couples in the Lambeth area. Our Henry died there in 1929 and "Sarah" in 1930.

Rebecca Sophia May - also see 9th June 2014 - 
I did know that she was widowed in 1892 but I have now seen William's burial record and it is in a familiar place; Camberwell Old Cemetery, one of those I visited in 2016, although I didn't know to look for the surname Bull. He was interred into plot 13015 on 28 Dec 1892 along with one other, then 13 more people were added over the next 12 days. As there were so many, I imagine this was one of the unmarked plots and I wouldn't haveseen anything if I had looked. By 1956 when Rebecca died, the London cemeteries were full, so she probably didn't have the option of joining him. She had anyway been living with her daughter Rebecca Emmett for some years and her death was registered in Surrey Mid-East area (Dorking), so she was no doubt buried there. 7 years later her daughter died in Walberton, Arundel, Sussex to which they had probably retired.

Rosina/Rosa Alice May was born Jun 1879 at 8 Queen Street, Walworth (nowadays King Street and Queen Street are combined and have fairly modern blocks) to William and Ellen née Hodd (Cliff's great uncle & aunt), was christened 6 Jul at St Alphege.

She appeared in 1881 census aged 1 (almost 2 really) at 7 Pontypool Place, Newington (just over a mile away) with parents & grandparents but unfortunately died in Jan 1883 aged 3½.

Ten years later Rosina Amy May was born to the same parents - see 12th June 2014 - and was christened at the same church on 6 Oct 1889:

I have a scan of her marriage

but for the rest of her story see 2014. I have more detail now about her death; she died on 27 Oct 1961 at Dulwivh Hospital aged 72, giving home address of 55 Kirkwood Road (as expected). She was cremated on 3 Nov at Honor Oak Crematorium and her ashes were scattered

William joined her 2 years later, on 29 Nov 1963, having died similarly in Dulwich Hospital on 24 Nov and cremated at Honor Oak, leaving £1025 to a Frank George Rogers.

Saturday 9th March 2019

Mary May - see 4th July 2016
She died aged 16 months and was buried in Deptford.

Mary Elizabeth May - see also 4th July 2016 - the servant who had an illegitimate baby, then married and settled in Deptford. I have seen a couple of new documents that add interesting details to her story.
She can be seen in a roster of the Workhouse in Princes Road, Lambeth, from 17th to 23rd July 1850 she (aged 29) and her son (aged 6) were residents/inmates. I don't know why they were there or if anything was done, but a few months later they were lodging with her brother William in Edward Street, by Waterloo station, a mile away to the north. The next thing we see is her marriage to Joseph Westcott:

In 1851 Joseph had been living with his widowed sister in Catherine Street, right by the Workhouse. Electoral roll records show Joseph had a shoemaking business in Deptford High Street until at least 1875. Then he continued at home in Stanley Street in 1880s. The next "new" document is her burial, on 17 Sep 1886 in Brockley Cemetery in plot H/Uncon/277/A (it seems she was never forgiven for her misdemeanour having a child out of wedlock, uncon=unconsecrated), followed in the next 2 days by 4 other unknown men. Her husband joined her 2 years later, but in a different plot.

Olive Eileen May - see 6th June 2014 & 4th July 2016 - Jack's daughter. Unfortunately no baptism has come to light. I told you she married the boy who lived opposite. In 1939 he had been living in Margate with his mother Dollie, she UDD, he "Seaman & Motor Driver". This will be why they married in Margate, his family home. His mother died there in 1981 (his father may have gone to Australia, as one with his unusual name died there in an accident in 1972). As I said in 2014, in 1956 Olive and Dave lived in Lewisham until he died on 12 Oct 1984 at  244a Baring Road, Grove Park,

leaving £14,648, presumably to Olive, who then moved to Eastbourne to look after her mother, her father having died 3 years before. Then she herself died in 1991.

Friday 8th March 2019

Julia Hetty Christina May - see 26th May 2014 & 26th June 2016 - scans:
[Lancaster Street is modern blocks now, but behind them must have been the listed buildings of Boyfield Street, still standing]
marriage 1

marriage 2
No burials I'm afraid.

Julietta Christina May was her aunt, who she was named after, to the confusion of genealogists for many years to come! See 26th May 2014 & 1st July 2016. No further details but a couple of scans:

Kenneth Leslie May - see 1st July 2016 - I have located his burial details:

and this is very informative. It seems he died in Ratcliffe Infirmary in Oxford although the  family home was at Beacon View, Lewknor

There was an ancient burial ground here, called Beacon Hill, and in 1972 when the M40 motoerway was being constructed, graves were found and the area studied. Apparently the cemetery was in use in Roman times, but had been disused for centuries. There is no sign these days, and the area called Beacon Hill doesn't even appear on maps. The M40 dominates the area around and is only yards from these cottages known as Beacon View.

Leslie Frank May - also see 1st July 2016 - was his father, baptised on 28 Apr 1909 in Thame with 3 siblings:

(see Ena last Sunday, below).
2 years later, at the 1911 census, they had moved (so Google tells me) 459 feet to 64 Park Street (above right). He married in Oxfordshire but settled in London, as discussed before. After marriage they can be seen in Battersea then Southall, where they were in 1939, Leslie working as an inspector on the buses. (I had followed them in electoral roll records in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham, then discovered these records related to a couple with very similar names: Leslie Frank May and Dorothy May née Russell. On the marriage certificate the groom's father's name is wrong and he is a fireman). 
1938 onwards - 5 Livingstone Road Southall
Son Michael had been sent out of London to live with grandmother & aunts in Oxfordshire and soon Doris and Leslie joined him and had 2 more sons. As Doris' death was registered in Oxford city itself, she may have died in hospital like her son. Leslie's was in Bullington, a part of Oxford to the east of the city.

Tuesday 5th March 2019

John May 2 - see 25th May 2014 & 20th June 2016, where I went into a lot of detail regarding his occupation on the Thames Steamers. Do take a look, it's fascinating.
There is unfortunately no scan of the marriage, but I can see details of his burial. On 16 Oct 1856 he was interred into plot F/98.6/158 at Brompton Cemetery. Over the years that followed, four further men joined him. The fact that they were all men and buried over the next 25 years suggests to me that it may have been a plot for Watermen/Steam Captains. I cannot see anything in newspapers relating to his burial, but he was the first there.

John May 3, my husband's great-grandfather, see 25th May 2014.


No scan of burial, unfortunately, and I don't know where it was

John May 4 (Jack) - see 26th May 2014 & 26th June 2016

I can't track down a burial in Eastbourne, although there must be an awful lot of them!

Joshua May - I haven't mentioned him before - was older brother of the twins, born Aug 1849 at Vauxhall Walk to Thomas & Sarah and christened on 16 Sep at St Mary's:

He can be seen aged 1 in 1851 census with parents & sibs, also uncle & family. However, he died at the end of May 1854 aged 4. I have found a burial record and at first was puzzled, wondering why he was buried across London in Hackney. Then I realised that the mid 1850s was the time when London was fast filling up with burials and several cemeteries were closed. The 1852 Burials Act allowed for transportation to places further afield, including those used by the Necropolis railway, running across from Waterloo to Brookwood Cemetery

with bodies to inter there. Now, Joshua won't have been transported by the Necropolis train, as it only started in November of that year, 5 months later. But you can see from the scan he was transported in some way (he was small after all) from home in Vauxhall and interred in the non-conformist part of the burial ground in Victoria Park, Bethnal Green, Borough of Hackney, fairly new then

If this wasn't fascinating enough, I have discovered that the cemetery was renamed Meath Gardens after it was closed 40 years later, and was situated just behind the University where my husband and I met 80 years after that! He never knew his great great-uncle was lying only yards away

Monday 4th March 2019

Harriet Charity May - see 21st May 2014 & 15th June 2016 - I have scans:
Interestingly, as you can see she was entered onto the register as Charity Harriet, and signed as such. This was a one-off though, as she was in all other documents correctly shown.

James Edward May - see 22nd May 2014 & 15th June 2016 - where I gave a detailed account up until his retirement, when I lost track of him.
Looking into the possible death record s, there is a feasible one on 23 Jun 1920 at Bolingbroke Hospital, Battersea, and I have seen the probate document, where he leaves £150 to Esther Emily May, spinster. I don't know anyone by that name but it is in the right place and she may be a cousin, niece etc I haven't yet met.

Jessie May - see 23rd May 2014 - I cannot find a baptism but have both marriage and burial, unusally for London:

St Mary's Cemetery Battersea, still there but long closed for burials. Her address was given as 3 Ceylon Street. This was quite new at that time, built in the 1860s on land adjoining St George's church in the Nine Elms part of Battersea. Now long gone, built over by the New Covent Garden Market complex.

Joan May - see 24th May 2014 & 20th June 2016 - I still think she may have been evacuated with her sister to Somerset, as the 1939 Register is definitely her sister Olive, but her possible file is still redacted. In 1960s there are electoral roll records in West Wickham, Kent for a Trevor & Joan Brooks, but I can't tell if it is them. As far as I know they are both alive, although 90 and 86 respectively.

John May 1 - see 24th May 2014 - baptism scan:
at Lambeth St Mary's
In 2014 his story faltered around the time of the 1861 census, where I thought he was working at the Hanover Arms in Peckham. Now if this was the case, he had quite a few years following this, as I suspect he made one Sarah Ivil from Hampshire pregnant in 1863 and she gave birth to a daughter Fanny, who she registered under the surname May. They did marry on 14 Sep 1867 at St Mary's Lambeth and in 1871 can be seen at 51 Marsham Street, Westminster with 8-year-old Fanny, John a "labourer in the iron trade". In 1881 they were in Islington, John an engineer, with Walter Ivil (?cousin) boarding and Fanny a resident servant in an orphanage nearby (aged 18). By 1891 they were at 57 Calverley Grove, Islington (close by) with Sarah's brother Henry and a family of boarders. As John died in 1899, in 1901 census Sarah can be seen living just around the corner with granddaughter Miriam Garrett aged 13 and lots of boarders. Yet again, by 1911 census she had moved just a short distance, living with 11-year-old grandson Stanley May, and died there in 1920 aged 81.

Sunday 3rd March 2019

Ena Constance May - see 4th June 2014 - I have a scan of her baptism now, performed with sisters Gertrude and Phyllis and brother Leslie in 1909
1939 Register shows her at 12 Kings Road, Thame with her widowed mother, sister Sybil and possible nephew Michael. Ena was transcribed as Eva, listed as "saleslady wools & childrens wear". 2 years later she married Eric Pearce but he died 2 years after that, hence no children. She only followed him 50 years later, in 1993, aged 85, when she was living at 8 Old Mill Close, Haddenham, Aylesbury

leaving £78584.

Ethel Grace May, my husband's grandmother, was covered in detail on 17th & 20th May 2014 & 21st Nov 2015. The only new record I have found was admission to Harper Street School from Lollard Street School on 2 Sep 1907. This was odd because it was over the border in Southwark. I can't be certain it was her as, although the date of birth was 18 Oct, it was a year out, although her father was given as John, and Lollard Street School would have been the correct infants' school. As it was, she only attended for 6 months before being removed, so maybe they found a place somewhere nearer to home. The address given on this record was 6 Ayliffe Street, which was in Newington. So if this was correct, they moved back into Kennington in time for the 1911 census. John had died in 1905, so this may explain the temporary chaos. I can bring you a scan of her baptism:

when she was christened at St Mary the Less church, Princes Street

with two younger sisters. I have no scan of the marriage, as these only go up to 1932, the year before!

Ethel Louise May - see 30th May 2014 & 14th June 2016 - scan of her marriage:

I see now that in 1939 she was housekeeper to Michael Thompson, student of Aeronautical Engineering, whose parents no doubt paid her wages (he was 23 at the time). When she died, she was in Honey Lane Hospital, Waltham Abbey

This was originally an isolation hospital for smallpox and the like, in the days of this photo (taken when it was brand new in 1907). But by 1952 it had become a general hospital, and she died here on 19 May 1978, leaving £9397.

Florence Maud May - see 14th June 2016 - emigrated to Australia, married there and I lost track of her.

Gertrude Olive May - see also 14th June 2016 - see Ena above for baptism

I have sorted out hr confusing marriages by finding the one to Carl Starup in the name of Bonnet, so it was evidently a second marriage. I don't know why she was also registered under her maiden-name, maybe it was an error. Anyway, on 31 Aug 1929 in Flaunden Herts she married Leslie Percival Bonnet:

I know these are only banns (called in both Herts and Oxfordshire) but I am informed that she definitely married him. Oddly, it looks as though they divorced, although this was very rare and I cannot find a record. They both remarried in 1943, Gertrude to Carl Starup as I said, and Leslie to Joan Villette Hutt from Royston, Herts, "an artist who made cinema slides". Both Joan and Leslie died in Wales in 1985, another genealogist tells me Gertrude died in Copenhagen, but has no idea where Carl came form or went to.

Friday 1st March 2019

Before I continue, I would like to share the good news with you. Findmypast have given notice that they will soon start work on the 1921 census. This is the first in years and may well be the last, as the records of the census taken in 1931 were damaged in WW2. It will be released in Jan 2022, which is less than 3 years away now!

Edward May
- see 15th May 2014 - this was left very vague when studied previously, so I was pleased to see Ancestry had come up with some suggestions to help. However, they have only succeeded in confusing the issue further, I am afraid. Various records with various middle names, some married, some not, have blurred the issue until I no longer know who he is. I lean towards the death in 1896 in Battersea but cannot find him in 1891 to corroborate this. I did find a birth registration in Apr 1850 in Chelsea, but no baptism, but of course this wasn't mandatory.

Eiley Mary Muncey May (always sounds to me like "Eeny Meeny Miney Mo"!) - see 30th May 2014 (out of sequence) & 8th June 2016, where I explained why she was born in Scotland, raised in Oxfordshire and ended up in Essex. Nothing has changed since, even the redacted file, possibly servant/nurse in 1939, but I have seen her probate document, giving exact date of death as 20 Dec 1969 aged 90. She died at 31 Theydon Park Road, Theydon Bois, Essex, leaving £1884.

[this house has obviously had a significant extension since then. Photo dates from 2008, which is as far back as I can go on Google Streetview]

Ellen Louisa May
- see 16th May 2014 & 8th June 2016. Scans:
And I now have a lot more details regarding her death & burial. When she died in Dec 1968 she was interred into plot C/Con/202 in Brockley Cemetery, joining her husband George, who had died in Sep 1951, and his parents George & Amelia, who had died in 1936 & 1918 respectively. In that plot too were earlier occupants; families named Matthews and Banks (I don't know who these people were, but probably not related to me and my Matthews families).
Brockley Cemetery

Emma May - see 16th May 2014 & 13th June 2016. All details were there; Ancestry has just given me some hints, but they were all wrong, so I shall just bring you a marriage scan:

I had thought I found a baptism but although parents were John & Mary Ann in Chelsea, baptised at the same time were siblings John born 1842 and Rebecca born 1847 and father John was a bootcloser, not a waterman, so I have thrown them out. Unfortunately, she did not survive until 1939 Register.

Tuesday 26th February 2019

Before I start on the Mays, I must reassure you that it does not contain one ineffectual prime minister!

Alice May - see 9th May 2014 & 6th June 2016 - scans:

The only other new things since last time is that son Jackie has been unredacted from the 1939 Register, and I now know the address in Edmonton where Alice lived when she died; 6 Cuckoo Hall Lane

Alice Sarah May - see 10th May 2014 & 6th June 2016 - scans:
marriage 1
marriage 2

Amy Constance Elizabeth May - also see 10th May 2014 & 6th June 2016
with several siblings, but unfortunately no marriage and/or burial scans.

Beatrice May May - see 12th May 2014 & 6th June 2016

I have found her baptism, on Findmypast as Ancestry doesn't have it:

at All Saints, Leicester
(the font dates from 13th Century so will have been the one used)
Oh, by the way, I found out that her son-in-law "Lefty" was Albert Francis Trull Junior from Massachusetts.

Charles May - see 30th May 2014 & 7th Jun 2016. This account is very detailed and I have no updates, so I suggest you use the tabs above a look there.

His son Charles William May - see 4th Jun 2014. I still haven't tracked him down in 1901 but I did find his death in 1959 in Calgary, Canada and burial in Burnsland Cemetery.

Monday 25th February 2019

Marian Parker
- see 29th Apr 2016 - born in 1888 to George William senior & Elizabeth (see yesterday). Scans:
I have discovered a lot about her husband, so will tackle him now. Herbert William Hill was born in London on 17 Nov 1882 and was baptised on 18 Feb 1883 at St Luke's, West Kilburn:

Incidentally, his father had the wonderful name of Joseph Remington Hill and was born in Great Dalby, Leics, which as you know if you are a regular here, is where my maternal grandmother's ancestors originate. Small world! On 26 Aug 1910 Herbert attested to the 19th City of London Regiment, Territorial Force, stating he was a driver, lived at 11 Argyle Street and was 27 years old. He gave his father as Next of Kin,address 78 Highgate Hill, Holloway. He had a medical and was passed fit for service. He served "at home" for the next 5 years (i.e. UK) so in 1911 census can be seen working in a hotel in Argyle Street as a porter. On 7 Aug 1912 in Edmonton he married Marian and had 2 sons before he was sent to France to fight with the Expeditionary Force in 1915. He came home for 5 months, then was sent off again 6 Feb 1916, when he was transferred from 1st to the 3rd battalion. On 15 Sep 1916 he was declared missing and was found to be a Prisoner Of War! On 9 Dec 1916 he was returned to UK in an Exchange of Prisoners programme, but was no longer fit for service. He was issued a £15 "bounty" and discharged, having served 6½ years and earned the 1914-15 Star medal. His health was evidently compromised but I don't know any details. Just that he died in 1924 aged 41 in Edmonton.

Mary Ann Parker - see 5th May 2014 - I have scans:
(aged 8 with her sister Amelia)
(witnesses her sister Eliza & husband Charles). I also know now that she was buried on 17 Apr 1938 at Waltham Forest Cemetery, presumably because Joseph had been 3 years before (although I cannot find a record)

William Henry Parker - see 6th May 2014 & 1st May 2016 - I searched again for them in 1939 Register, to no avail, so all I can offer are two scans:
and similarly no firm burial records.

William James Parker
- see 6th May 2014 - I cannot find anything after 1861 census, so do believe he died aged 22 in 1870, unfortunately.

Sunday 24th February 2019

Emma Amelia Parker - see 1st May 2014 & 26th Apr 2016 - unfortunately I can't find a baptism or burial but have a scan of her marriage:

It is rather faint, but you may be able to make out that this was one of those where the father's name was wrong. It says "Albert Parker deceased". I think this is a classic misunderstanding on the part of the registrar; because her father Charles had died 4 years before, she was probably given away by her older brother Albert (eldest, Charles was in the Royal Navy and no doubt away) and the registrar got the wrong end of the stick!

George William Parker senior (great great-uncle) - see 1st May 2014 & 29th Apr 2016 - where I told their dramatic story. I now have scans:
(the curate seems to have been confused over the name of his father James!)
but no further details, apart from a rather scary picture of the only known surviving doll made by Elizabeth's father Anthony in 1850 and a photo of Ely Place, off Harman Street, where smallpox raged 

James Parker junior
my great great grandfather - see 2nd May 2014 & 29th Apr 2016 - when I managed to straighten him and his wife out. All I can show you is the banns, but it does say the marriage took place on 1 Jan 1837:

His father James Parker senior, my 3xgreat grandfather is still very messy, as I have 3 possibilities for baptism and different sets of parents, giving several dates of birth in 1782 & 1793. I believe the latter, as I have seen the 1851 census record of 34 Sudeley Street, Islington, showing him aged 58, a Master Jeweller (I wish I could tell my Dad), with wife Harriot and apprentice Stephen Hoole. He died the following year and was buried on 9 Sep 1852 at St Mary's, Islington. I have sought 1841 census and found dozens to fit Harriot but with no James. Equally, there are several deaths but the only one in Islington is before the marriage date, so is no good.

There were also two John Henry Parkers, one the son of James & Ann and one of George & Elizabeth.
John Henry Parker 1 - see 5th May 2014 - was the eldest son of James Junior & Ann, who died aged 19
Unfortunately I can't find a burial.
John Henry Parker 2 - see 29th Apr 2016, ostensibly born 1896 to George W & Elizabeth above, but I have now found a baptism that throws the cat among the pigeons: 1894 St Luke's, Islington

making him 18 months older than he thought... they said he was 5 in Apr 1901, when he was really 7, when you would have thought it would mean a lot. However, ths was the period they lived in the very unhealthy area. They were very lucky to survive; only brother William died in infancy and one out of five was quite normal. There is a marriage to an Edith Phyllis Hooper in her home town of Upper Sapey nr Worcester and a 1939 Register to go with it, at a cottage called The Oaks, The Common, Upper Sapey, John and his son William farm labourers, Edith UDD and two closed files. Other trees have children on them; apart from William born 1920, Mavis in 1924, Henry in 1927 and Geoffrey 1930. There are also deaths in the correct area; in 1958 for Edith and 1973 for John.

Saturday 23rd February 2019

As described in previous years, there were three generations of Charles James Robert Parkers.
CJR Parker 1 - see 24th Apr 2014 & 26th Apr 2016 - b 1852 - this is especially interesting with the detail of Gilpin Grove I mentioned yesterday. 
baptism scan
I now believe the correct marriage to be in 1883 to Mary Ann Canfield in Aston, Herts, not far from here, as it has the correct father's name. Aston and Edmonton are only 22 miles apart, but from my perspective in opposite directions (in fact to get from one to the other, you have to pass right by my house!). Nevertheless, for some region they settled in Edmonton and the rest of the dynasty followed.
CJR Parker 2 was his son - see 25th Apr both 2014 & 2016 - b 1884.
He was brought up in Edmonton, then in the Royal Navy. I can't find a scan of his marriage in 1922 to Minnie Speller, unfortunately, nor details of burial.
CJR Parker 3 - also see 25th Apr both 2014 & 2016 - b 1924. Nothing new here, I'm afraid. Lots of questions remain unanswered, for example why he died in Milton Keynes and what happened to his wife Patricia. Of course she may be still alive aged 92. No scans either, as this was all too recent. I can see them in electoral roll records, living at 1 Junction Road, Edmonton 1949-60 at least.

Edith Parker - see 26th Apr both 2014 & 2016 - daughter of CJR 2 above
but nothing new.

Eliza Ann Parker, great great-aunt, see 26th Apr 2014 - she was the elder sister who married Charles Prangnell senior (see Amelia yesterday). I have scans:
She was buried on 19 Jan 1926 in Islington Cemetery, in plot Z/16914 with 27 others, interred over a 5 week period to 27 Mar 1926. As a widow she may not have been able to afford a proper burial plot and just had a public one. At least the dates and names were recorded.

My great grandmother Emily Ann Parker was covered in detail on 28th Apr 2014 & 24th Feb 2016, the latter showing her in Woolwich with daughter Alice Pilott & family, described as "Invalid OAP". She died 3 months later, on 3 Jan 1940 and was buried in plot N/1444 of Plumstead Cemetery

In 16 and 27 years, John and Alice joined her in the grave.

Friday 22nd February 2019

Today would have been my father's 97th birthday. Happy Birthday in Heaven, Dad. So it's appropriate to stay on his tree for just a little longer. Following the pattern of previous years, I shall study his paternal grandmother Emily's branch, the Parkers.

Albert Edward Parker was born in 1887 to Emily's brother Charles and his wife Mary Ann, and can be seen with them aged 4 in 1891 census at 5 Leicester Terrace, Lawrence Road, Edmonton, the family having recently moved there from Holborn. In 1901 there were more children in the house, so they had moved round to 6 Gilpin Grove and Albert was working as an Errand Boy. On Christmas Eve 1905 at St James church, Upper Edmonton he married Jane Elizabeth Howard and they moved into 44 Gilpin Grove.

The Bell at Edmonton was famously a place mentioned in the John Gilpin story, so several features in this area are named after him. As you can see, Albert was at that time working as a warehouseman. They had a son Henry here in 1907 then moved to Deptford, where they had daughter Dorothy in 1910. They can be seen the following year in the census at 338 Evelyn Street, Deptford with 2 young children and Albert's brother William aged 15. This area is now modern blocks, so I can't bring you a photo. As there was significant bomb damage here in WW2 I suspect all was lost. The census records show the reason for moving south of the River; Albert had joined the Metropolitan Police. The police station was a short walk behind the house, in Amersham Vale, and has now been converted into a museum/gallery
so no doubt Albert would recognise his workplace should he return today. I'm not sure how long he worked there, as by 1921 they had moved back to Edmonton. Daughter Rose was born there then, and by 1939 Register they seem well established. They were living in Fore Street, near their home of 1901, and working as pillars of the community. Albert was listed as Town Hall Keeper (it makes sense, a lot of police officers move onto caretaker roles). Jane is described as "cleaning staff supervisor", so I suspect it was the Town Hall she cleaned. The Town Hall in Edmonton was in Fore Street, built in 1884, extended in 1903 and demolished 1989

There was also a closed file, probably Dorothy as I cannot find her elsewhere, and Rose, listed as "unfit for work". She married in 1948 but cannot have been very unfit as she lasted until 2003. Henry was married and living in Southgate, not far away. Examining the editorial roll records, I can see Albert had been at the same address since at least 1925, maybe before 1921 but I have no baptism for Rose to confirm. He died in Edmonton on 1 Nov 1955 aged 68.

Amelia Jane Parker - see 24th Apr 2014 & 25th Apr 2016. She was Emily's youngest sister but please see previous tabs for the convoluted story. I can now bring you scans though:
Not burial I am afraid, for Amelia or Charles.

Tuesday 19th February 2019

I spent the whole of today checking the burials at West Norwood Cemetery against all of my trees and have now completed them. I have nothing new to bring you, so will move on again on Friday to the next of the Maintenance Checks.

Monday 18th February 2019

Henry Edward Matthews died in infancy, born in the October quarter of 1899 to Robert Edward and Florence Beatrice, he was buried a year later on 19 Nov in plot 7E17 of Bath Abbey Cemetery. 5 unknown people were also in that plot, Henry being the third, over a 45-year period (of a variety of ages).

Iris Caroline Keen née Matthews died on 16 Jul 2005 in Bath and was buried on 4 Oct in Haycombe Cemetery:

in plot 21A336. Her husband Maurice was still alive (and in the Bath area) in 2010, although he was then 88.

Jane Tucker née Matthews may have been buried in 1865 in Lyn & Wid cemetery, as her husband Thomas was there 40 years later. However I cannot be sure of this as there is no date of birth on her plot.

I dealt with Louisa Burgess née Matthews under Alice Kate last Monday - see below - who died aged 81 and was buried on 22 May at Locksbrook St Saviour's, joining her husband and daughter.

Mary Ann Hill née Matthews died aged 48 and was buried 8 Jan 1886 at Locksbrook St Swithin. Her husband had been buried there early the previous year (not in the same grave, but without plot numbers...

When I updated Nellie Doris Iris Witts née Matthews on 29th Jan below, I had little information on the end of her (and Ivor's) life. So it was a nice surprise to find her on this list with lots of added detail. When Ivor died in 1980 he was buried in plot 30J400 in Haycombe cemetery
and Nellie joined him on 20 Jul 2004 aged 82. Their only son (the other three were girls) Michael died aged 13 months in 1951 and was commemmorated on a little stone here.

Rosina Kathleen May née Matthews, daughter of Robert & Henrietta, is also buried at Haycombe, plot 30A380. Wat seems odd here is that she was buried with the brother of her first husband John Vallance, who had been interred into the plot in 1966. Harold had gone to Lyn & Wid cemetery when he died in 1941 with a bunch of others. That cemetery had closed in 1937 when Haycombe opened, but I had thought spouses could us existing plots. Not a lot shows nowadays, and there isn't an inscription to help

Her second husband lived until 2005 and was buried in Haycombe plot 21A427 on his own.

Sarah Elizabeth Matthews
, daughter of Silas & Sarah née Coombs, died aged 4 and was buried at Locksbrook St Swithin on 27 Nov 1884.

Edith May Matthews née Gifford was buried on 24 Nov 1960 plot 43H424 Haycombe Cemetery aged 61 and was joined there by her husband (Silas) William James on 8 Sep the following year aged 66.

Violet May Matthews married Sidney James Miller in 1936, they had 5 children then he died 2 May 1968 aged 55. He was buried in plot 42R388 at Haycombe and she joined him on 6 Aug 1990, aged 73

William Jonathan Matthews was born in 1863 to Jonathan & Mary Ann. He died aged almost 13 and was buried on 16 Mar 1876 in Locksbrook St Swithin

Sunday 17th February 2019

On to burials of the Silases, all three in Locksbrook St Swithin's.
Silas Matthews 2 born in 1822, died on 17 Feb 1875 aged 52, registered by his second wife Sarah (who isn't buried here as she had remarried and moved away).
His son Silas Matthews 3, born 1856, died 1923 aged 67
His son Silas James Matthews born 1877 died 27 Oct 1943 aged 66
The next burial, Violet Matthews, was very interesting. I have told the story before (see 10th Apr 2014, 13th Apr 2016 & 5th Feb 2019) of the air-raid in 1942. Violet was the one who went home after visiting the cinema and her body was found by her brother Leonard. She was evidently buried in plot 38Q221 at Haycombe cemetery along with Lilian Chapman and Gilbert Robbins, killed the same day (but unknown to me), on 1 May 1942.
Haycombe cemetery in Whiteway Road opened in Jul 1937 and all of the other local cemeteries were closed. It originally occupied 30 acres, containing over 23,000 plots, including an area set aside for military graves

There was a mass burial on 1 May 1942, as the Bath Chronicle reported “Simple coffins, they were; plainly constructed with, in most cases just a name - occasionally several names- and a number, painted in black paint. Some bore only a number, others just one-word explanation, “Unidentified.” There were further mass burials during that week." Violet's case was evidently more informed, as Leonard found her.
The Crematorium was built at the western end of the site in 1961 and there have been over 110,000 cremations to date. There is a memorial wall surrounding the courtyard for cremation memories. In 2012 a further piece of ground was opened and extended the area.

William Matthews 1 born 1882 to Silas 3 & Sarah Coombes, died aged 60 later in 1942 and was buried on 29 Nov in plot 41S317, occupied the previous year by a Thomas Griffiths (who I don't know). This is evidently not a related death, as sections 38 & 41 are not together:

William Matthews 2 born 1868 to Silas 2 & Sarah Williams died aged 46 was buried 30 Apr 1915 in Locksbrook St Swithin's. His wife Nellie went on to remarry but both she and her second husband Henry Dunford died in 1938 and were buried in the same cemetery (separate plots).
William Walter Matthews died aged 22 months and was buried in St Swithin's. It isn't clear whereabouts and maybe a little clarification is in order
St Swithin's Church originally dates from 10th Century (parts of the crypt are original) with 33,168 burials from 1711. The church was pulled down in 1777 an the current much larger building constructed.

Much of the cemetery shown here has gone and the chapel is now a gallery (Walcot Gate), but there are still gravestones around it.

Lansdown cemetery took most of the Walcot burials after 1848 then Locksbrook from 1864.

So, William Walter is probably in the graveyard above at Walcot Gate.

Charles Reginald Matthews was an odd record. He was said to have died aged 40 but his birth and death dates were 50 years apart, so I put him to one side to look at later. If I ignore the obviously wrong date of birth, he could well be my Charles Reginald, who died 15 Dec 1963 aged 41, his birth being in Oct 1922. He was last seen in 1939 Register at 22 Otago Terrace with his mother, grandmother and brothers, and this was still his home when he died, although this took place at St Martin's Hospital, and he was buried at Locksbrook St Swithin's.

I found two Edwin Barnard Matthews, Senior born 1826, died aged 81 on 4 Apr 1908 at 8a Westgate Street, buried on 10 Apr in plot 7.24 in Bath Abbey Cemetery.His son EBM Junior died only two years later, but in the Royal United Hospital, Walcot, which may be why he was interred in Locksbrook Cemetery St Swithin's - see Monday - in what was called a "family plot" but no records show any other burials. Son Albert followed in 1917 and Emma's remains were moved to join them (she having died in 1916)

Florence Mary Matthews was a baby who died in infancy and was buried on 21 Dec 1912 in plot PL67 in the St Saviours section of Locksbrook Cemetery. Her parents had only just got married at this time, and didn't die themselves for many years. I can't track down her father, as he died in 1930 and doesn't appear on this list. Her mother Henrietta née Jones died aged 96 in 1980 and I have found her here, buried in the St Swithin's section.

Another buried in Locksbrook St Swithin's was Florence Valentine Tucker née Matthews, iterred in 1945 after dying aged 53.

Yet another was George Henry Matthews, born 26 Sep 1919 to Silas James & Lily. He died aged 16 months and was buried in Feb 1921.

Saturday 16th February 2019

The next burial plot was a revelation. I found plot no. PB22 of Lyncombe & Widcombe cemetery because it was used to hold Herbert George William Matthews in 1937, after his death aged 39 on 12 July that year. His address was given as Westfield House, Bloomfield Road, which you may remember was the Bath address of Herbert William, the famous architect, who was his father

He (HGW) was buried on 15 Jul 1937, and I see now that the same plot was used for his parents. Unfortunately, as with a lot of these photos, the plot has been neglected in recent years, and now looks like this:

There was apparently an inscription but I don't know what it said. His mother Minnie Agnes née Candy was next in the plot, buried on 9 Jul 1945 after dying on 6 Jul aged 69. I got a surprise when I looked at her husband's record though, as it seems he remarried almost immediately. I see that in the October quarter of that year in Marylebone he married Constance Arline (I am not sure if this was her maiden name or she was married before but I know her date of birth was 12 Jan 1886, so she was 10 years younger than her husband). I cannot find her 1939 Register entry but she was living in Chelsea through the 30s under this name. They were only together for 9 years, though, as Herbert died on 4 Mar 1954 and was buried in the plot on 8 Mar. Constance continued to live in London, and died there on 15 Aug 1970 aged 84, buried with the others here in Bath on 26 Aug and leaving £42,583 (although I don't know whether to Margaret & John, Herbert's remaining children, or not). I can see from his death record that Herbert did have two addresses; 3 Dunraven Street, Park Lane, London W1, where he died, and Westfield House, Bath.

John Matthews was buried in Locksbrook cemetery, St Swithin's part, on 27 Mar 1901, having died 2 days before at Morford Street, Bath. He was the one who married twice, lastly to Hannah who had a criminal record but went on to become a nurse. He was 74 at his death, but I cannot find Hannah in 1901 census and he had described himself in 1891 census as "widowed", so all is confusing. There is no sign of Hannah in this burial plot and there is a note "second interment", suggesting his remains were moved, but from where? I think that Hannah was buried in this cemetery too, 6 years later, but with no plot numbers I am none the wiser.

Jonathan Matthews was also buried in that cemetery, on 7 Jul 1893, having died aged 66 two days before, of apoplexy at 2 Turners Buildings. His wife Mary Ann was informant, present at the death, but she was evidently unwell herself, as she died 3 months later. She was buried in a different plot, but as neither had numbers, I cannot tell if they were buried near each other, again.

Robert Matthews was buried in the same cemetery on 11 Jul 1892, having died aged 37. As his wife remarried, she was buried under her new name of Walker, and I haven't looked her up.

There are two Roberts who died as children: one Robert Matthews on 18 Jun 1852 aged 3 at the Union burial ground at the Workhouse. This was in Midford Road, and at that time was new, having only been built in 1846
(an article in the Bath Chronicle in 1847 said: “the Bishop proceeded to the Union Workhouse and consecrated a piece of ground for the interment of such poor persons as may die within the house. Thus the inconvenience of removing the bodies to different parishes will in future be obviated.”) The original graveyard was an area of ground to the southeast of the chapel and held 1111 burials, with two memorials, including one to Eddie Cochran, who was killed  here on the way home and is buried in California. In Apr 1858 a second ground was consecrated by the Radstock Road, took 3191 burials and was closed in 1899. Thereafter those who died in the workhouse were buried at home in their individual wards. I did mention this place on 8th February - see below - in its latter years as an independent institution. Robert's mother Emily Matthews née Matravers was also in the workhouse with him at the time and she died the following year, aged 28, and was buried here too (but not in the same plot).
The other Robert Matthews (my 3xgreat uncle) was buried on 7 Apr 1815 aged 5 in the Independent Burial Ground attached to the Argyle Chapel, Snow Hill. This area has been redeveloped and the burials can no longer be seen. Apparently the land was in a bad state in the 1950s and the council tried to tidy it up. Many of the records were also lost, so all that is known is there were over 1100 burials and 66 vaults, dating from 1790. 

Oh, in plot number G10 with Uncle Robert there were also another 6 burials dating from 1805-1815, but none was related.

Friday 15th February 2019

This seems to be a week for release of cemetery lists. As you are aware, I am currently going through Bath Burial List for Matthews ancestors buried in that city. Today Deceased Online have announced thousands of burials in West Norwood Cemetery, Borough of Lambeth, London. As I have several major branches in that area I have been looking them over and will bring news at a later date. This means I haven't done anything in Bath today, so will have to continue that tomorrow.

Tuesday 12th February 2019

Continuing with the theme of yesterday, the burials in Bath, the next one is in the cemetery called
Bath Abbey Cemetery
Now, this did initially confuse me, as Bath Abbey is in the centre of the city and has no grounds around it for burial. The cemetery is a mile away to the south-east, on a triangle of land purchased in 1844, by the rector of the abbey from the catholic bishop, next to the catholic burial ground. You can see the Abbey from there:

It covers 5 acres and contains 6439 burials and 2036 memorials.

The plot I am most interested in here is 4C29, where Doris Laura Matthews and her parents (Richard) Edward and Florence Beatrice née Byfield are. 

Florence died on 13 Feb 1955 (i.e. 64 years ago tomorrow) aged 75 and was interred into this plot on 17th, then her husband joined her on 2 Jul 1963 aged 89. Their daughter Doris died 19 Mar 1977 aged 73 and joined them in the grave, although she was not added to the inscription. The flower vase stone may be hers, I can't tell from the photo.

The next burial of interest is that of Eliza Margaret Matthews née Robins, who I dealt with last Friday. As I said then, William died in 1919 and Eliza lived in London, until she died in 1941. What I didn't say last week was that they were both buried in Twerton. I now see that they joined Eliza's sister Maria in her plot.
Twerton Cemetery is another piece of land to the south of Bath given over to local burial. In 1881, the Twerton Burial Board considered a plot of land on the Wells Road as a possible cemetery but this was too close to houses to comply with the regulations on burials. Instead a 2½ acre plot was bought from the Trustees of Bellott’s Hospital later that year. There were 8438 burials and 814 memorials and it too closed in 1937 when Haycombe opened

Maria Mulhall née Robins was buried in plot CMM16 on 7 Jun 1917 having died aged 77, then William joined her 2 years later, followed on 7 Apr 1941 by Eliza. The plot is rather neglected nowadays, unfortunately:
(there is apparently an inscription but not visible here)

I dealt with George James Matthews on 10th Feb 2014, outlining how he lived with his parents all his life until they died, then he died a few years later. I can see now that his mother Jane née Rackett died aged 71 and was buried in Locksbrook St Saviour's (see yesterday) plot BG150 on 26 Mar 1884. James followed her on 7 Jul 1889 aged 75 and then George joined them on 24 Jun 1894 aged 47.

Gordon Samuel Ronald Matthews was brother of the twins Doris & Iris that I mentioned yesterday. He was stillborn or died in early infancy, and I cannot locate a baptism (although his birth was registered in Walcot in Apr 1930. He has an entry in the burial register of Locksbrook in the St Swithon's section, but no plot number or inscription.

The next burial is that of Harry Charles Matthews, painter & decorator, who died aged 75, living at Avalon, Midford Road, South Stoke, Bath. This is very much the southern outskirts of Bath, Midford Road runs south-east to Midford, and the village of South Stoke is just off it. St James church is surrounded by graves and some are very old. Records date from 1800 and there are 1008 to date, with 189 memorials. Apparently it is still open, but only to those living locally
Although his wife Elizabeth died the following year there does not appear to be a record of her joining him. Many of the gravestones here have been photographed but many have no inscription that can be identified, including this record.

The next burial on the list is that of Henry Matthews and two Sarahs. This is plot 3E23 in Lansdown Cemetery, a logical step as Ballance Street is just off Lansdown Road, which leads north out of Bath and the cemetery is 1½ miles up Lansdown Road. Photos I took when my mother and I visited in 2009:

Lansdown Cemetery opened in 1848 and holds 5785 burials. The council mows it in November, so in June when we visited ot was rather overgrown with grass etc and we didn't manage to identify much. Beckford Tower adorns the site, erected by the daughter of William Beckford, the owner of the site, and one of the first "residents".
Plot 3E23 was originally occupied by Henry's mother known as Sarah, although a note on the record says "forename Mary in burial register" and I know her as Mary née Gilbert. She died 16 Jun 1871 of "senile decay" aged 72 at 31 Ballance Street and was buried on 21 Jun. Although I am told her husband Robert died the following year he isn't mentioned here and to be honest I can't find a death record. The next to be buried in the plot was Henry himself, who died at Gloucester Terrace aged only 46 and was buried with his mother on 21 Jan 1877. He was followed 11 years later by his wife Sarah Ann née Alexander, who joined him 6 Nov 1888 aged 56, by which time she was living in Wells Road, south of the river, but still joined her family in Lansdown.

Monday 11th February 2019

I have found in the Bath burial list no fewer than 28 of my Matthewses, so will examine each in detail.
Albert Edwin Matthews was previously quite unsatisfactory, so it is good to find more on him. He was born in 1872 and in looking for him today I have found a baptism previously elusive:

I think I have tracked Mary Ann down too, in 1939 Register, living in Holwell Cottages, Frome. Both her death and Albert's were registered in Wells, Somerset registration area, so they may have lived at that address for some years.  Mary Ann died not long after the Register was taken, and I can't see her burial on this list, so she presumably didn't join him. His interment was in Locksbrook Cemetery and it's worth spending some time on it here.
Locksbrook Cemetery

This cemetery sits to the west of Bath, on Upper Bristol Road. It opened in 1864 with separate areas for the parishioners of St Swithin's in Walcot and St Saviour's. A further section for Weston opened in 1877. There were 29,591 burials for Walcot, with the first burial on 17 Jan 1864, the area covering 12 acres, laid out by Edward Milner, the landscape gardener to the Crystal Palace project, who no doubt inspired Herbert in his designs for the Exhibition many years later. Map of the cemetery:

While on the subject, the St Saviours section was open 1864-1998 and took 4550 burials in this time. The area slopes down rather to the river

The Weston section also opened in 1877 and has 5322 plots. It too slopes down rather at the edges

All are now closed, as Haycombe is now the only cemetery open for new interments, and it has the crematorium.

Moving on, Alice Kate Matthews (aka Kate) was the sister who stayed on at Holly Mount, Belgrave Road to help take care of the 11 children of Louisa and George Burgess, when the rest of her family moved away. It isn't a surprise then that at her death she was buried in the Burgess plot in Locksbrook. They evidently attended St Saviour's as this was in that section of the cemetery.The plot concerned held Kate's nephew baby Victor Thomas, who died in infancy in 1879 and niece Bessie Kate who died unmarried in 1910, aged 33 (possibly named after our Kate). When Kate died aged 71 on 30 Apr 1923 she joined them, interred on 3 May, and 19 years later was joined in 1944 by 75-year-old Edith Ann, another niece who lived by then in Weston-super-mare but died in St Martin's Hospital, Bath. Kate's sister Louisa was buried in a separate plot with husband George and another of the children Nellie. George had died in 1904, Nellie in 1906 and Louisa joined them  in 1931.

You may remember that Silas William James Matthews married Edith May Gifford in late 1920 and had twins Doris & Iris a few weeks later, and they died at or shortly after birth. They were buried on 16 Mar 1921 at Lyncombe & Widcombe/St James cemetery, which opened in 1861 and interred 24,724 before closing. It sits on the Lower Bristol Road just southeast of Locksbrook, between that and Bath city

As you can see, it has a large part dedicated to Nonconformists and there are large parts unconsecrated too. There was much bomb-damage in WW2 and not all of the cemetery has been mapped and identified. There were many memorials which have not been discovered since.
The baby twins were placed in a plot already holding a baby Kate Wiltshire, a 23-year-old Jane Newton and 79-year-old William Walker, at he same time as a Mark Payton was interred. I don't know if this was significant, as I haven't identified a link. In 1942 a 67-year-old Queenie Trapps joined them.

Sunday 10th February 2019

William Matthews 4 my 5xgreat grandfather - see 18th Apr 2016 - I have a scan of his baptism in 1719

(smudgy date at the end says "Nov 13"). Otherwise nothing new.

William Ewart Matthews - see 17th Apr 2014 & 18th Apr 2016. One thing I do like about Ancestry purchasing the 1939 Register is that records attached to our Ancestry trees are always updated. Thus Bernard's closed file that I mentioned has now been opened and all 6 family members are there. Otherwise nothing new, though, as Worcester is not well covered for baptisms.

William Francis Matthews, his father - see 17th Apr 2014 & 20th Apr 2016 - he appears not to have been baptised, so I cannot confirm (or otherwise) his father being called "William" on his marriage:

As far as I know, he was always called "Edwin Barnard" - maybe this was one of those cased of mis-hearing or misunderstanding. He died aged 45 in Jan 1912 in Worcester, so no further info.

My grandfather William George Matthews - also see 17th Apr 2014 & 20th Apr 2016 - nothing new apart rom scans:

The other William George Matthews - see 20th Apr 2016 - nothing (there was a record showing he was killed in WW1 in France/Flanders but I don't think it was him).

William Horace Matthews - see 20th April 2014 & same 2016, my Uncle Will. As I said in 2016, the 1939 Register was dealt with on 24th Feb, where I showed them in Beckenham, living over the shop. I had a message from the shop in recent years to confirm Bernard now ran the shop/owns the business.

William Jonathan Matthews died aged 13 and was buried in the part of the Locksbrook Cemetery for parishioners from Walcot St Swithin's. I shall return to this later or tomorrow.

William Walter Matthews
died aged 18 months and was buried at St Swithin's itself. Also see later.

Winifred Jessamine Matthews - see 18th Apr 2014 & 20th Apr 2016 - I have a scan of her baptism:

but not marriage, as this was too recent. 1939 Register was dealt with in 2016 but I can now add a couple of details. The closed record appares to be a J Drummond, so could be a child but I cannot locate a birth to go with it (it is still closed, but the name is poking out of the redaction due to a correction on the original). Also, both she and John volunteered for service in wartime; he as an ARP warden for his company, she a volunteer at the police canteen. When Winifred died on 21 Jan 1994 she was living at 2 St Marys Close, Timsbury (and had been there 2 years prior to this, when John died). She was cremated at Haycombe Crematorium on 28 Jan, leaving £125,000.

I was delighted to find, on searching for these, that the local archive in Bath have transcribed the thousands of records of burials in Bath cemeteries and churchyards. The listings are vast, so I shall study them and get back to you tomorrow.

Friday 8th February 2019

William Matthews 1 - see 14th Apr 2014 & 18th Apr 2016, when I couldn't find him in 1939 Register. I have now done so, as expected in an institution. This was called at the time the Public Assistance Institution, Frome Road House, at Odd Down

He was one of hundreds of inmates and patients there, and I assume the death record in Oct 1942 was his; residents were buried in one of two cemeteries nearby:

The workhouse was built in 1836, when the Poor Law Union was set up, and in WW2 contained a EMS unit (Emergency Medical Service), then in 1948 was incorporated into the NHS as St Martin's Hospital. It closed in 2010 and has now been converted into apartments.

William Matthews 2 - also see 14th Apr 2014 - had an interesting story, as he was the one who was at the Industrial School, then spent 7 years in Canada, returning to marry and produce one son. I can now add one more snippet, as his son Silas in his WW1 documentation, in 1912 gave his parents' address as 11 Weymouth Square, Bath, very near to their address in 1911, and this was no doubt where William died in 1915

William Matthews 3 - see 17th Apr 2014 - a couple of snippets here; when he married, his bride Eliza was only 16 but it wasn't a "shotgun marriage" as they didn't have daughter Eliza for 4 years. Their parents were neighbours in Museum Street

After William's death in 1919 he left £3767 to Eliza and she moved back to London. When she died 22 years ater her address was given as 62 Abingdon Road, Kensington

(They may have had properties in both London and the West Country; on the marriage certificate above you can see her father's profession was "gentleman" and although her address was this house in Kensington, she died in 1941 in Wiltshire). 1939 Register was taken not long before she died and she was at the above address, listed as of "Private Means", some of this maybe the rent paid to her by the others in the house, an accountant and a family of railway-workers. She also had a companion/help in her 30s. When Eliza died in 1941 she was at 58 Ermine Street, Stratton St Margaret, Wiltshire, where she may have moved to for the duration of war, safer out of London, even though she was 90 years old, leaving £1333 to son Herbert (the Crystal Palace architect, who also lived in London and the West Country).

Tuesday 5th Februray 2019

Victor Stanley Matthews - see 12th Apr 2016 - 

Violet May Matthews - see 10th Apr 2014 & 12th Apr 2016 - nothing new; even the closed record (probably Frank)on 1939 Register is still closed. She died on 24 Jul 1990, living at 134a Carfax Avenue, Tongham, Surrey:
leaving £115000, probably to her children (no doubt this included the flat above)

Violet E May Matthews - see 10th Apr 2014 & 13th Apr 2016

She was the sister who went home after the cinema and was killed in an air raid (see brother Leonard below).

Vivian John Matthews - see 13th Apr 2016 - nothing new

My father Walter Charles Matthews - see 11th Apr 2014 & 13th Apr 2016 - I think the account in 2014 is a good summary of his life and there is nothing new

Walter James Matthews - see 12th Apr 2014 & 18th Apr 2016 - nothing new except I may have found him in 1871 census aged 2 with his grandmother, in a green-grocers shop in Lyncombe (worryingly with a lady who had leprosy!)

On to the Williams on Friday...

Monday 4th February 2019

Silas Matthews 2 - see 31st Mar 2014 - was son of "senior" I dealt with yesterday. I told the (ultimately sad) story of his life, but now have a scan of his baptism:

unfortunately the marriage records of the Register Office have not been scanned. The only other snippet of information I have is that he was unable to pay the fine in Oct 1874 for not sending his children to school, due to being in hospital and thus unable to work, so he was imprisoned for 3 days. This did not do anyone any good at all, as he had TB and died 4 months later.

Silas Matthews 3 - I called him "junior" on 31st Mar 2014 - was son of 2 and his 2nd wife Sarah and he was baptised on 4 Aug 1861 at St Swithin aged almost 5, with siblings Robert and Sarah:

but again he married at the Register Office so no scan of that.

Silas James Matthews - see 31st Mar 2014 & 6th Apr 2016 - was his son and was baptised on 15 Feb 1878 at Christchurch Bath aged 7 months:

And I can now see all but one of the lines on the 1939 Register - see Sidney below - and a photo from round about that time:

Silas William James Matthews - see 5th Apr 2014 & 6th Apr 2016. I now see why I couldn't find his baptism. I have said that registrars and census enumerators were often, in the past, elderly and thus misheard names. This Silas was written in the records as "Cyrus" (and also called his mother Emma, but that was corrected at the time):

Nothing else new.

Stanley Matthews - see 6th Apr 2016 - nothing new

Sylvia May Matthews - see 7th Apr 2014 & 19th Apr 2016. At her death on 20 Dec 1979, the probate record said "...of Varley Hall of Residence, Coldean Lane" (Brighton University Halls of Residence). I'm not sure why this was her address; at 48 she was hardly likely to be a student. Maybe she was a matron of the Halls. She left £23827, presumably to her 2nd husband Alan and/or son Christopher.

Thomas Albert Matthews
- see 7th Apr 2014 & 10th Apr 2016 - died on 7 Feb 1987  when he lived at 15 The Brow, Twerton
and he was cremated on 11 Feb 1987 at Haycombe Crematorium, leaving £8935, presumably to son Trevor as Beatrice had died in 1970 (also cremated at Haycombe, on 16 Mar)

Thomas Robert Matthews - see 10-11 Apr 2016 - I have found his baptism dated 5 Jul 1874 at St Swithin's:

and a possible emigration in 1896 aged 22 (although under his middle name of Robert, maybe he went against his parents' will). For lots of further detail see 2016.

Thomas William Matthews - see 7th Apr 2014 & 12th Apr 2016 - did have a baptism record in Bath:

but they moved to Canford, Dorset, then Worcester, as I said. Nothing new is forthcoming, but there is plenty ofdetail on 2016 blog.

Sunday 3rd February 2019

Roy Arthur Matthews, my cousin, see 5th Apr 2016 - married Sylvia Dabbs from Rochford, Essex and this is where she grew up, a bungalow called "The Nest":

She can be seen there in 1939 Register with her parents and 4 siblings, she herself 9 years old "at school", her father William a builder's labourer by trade but also in the Special Constabulary for the duration of the war. I see that her line has now been unredacted so she must have died in recent years.

Ruby Lilian Matthews - see 24th Mar 2014 & 5th Apr 2016
The only new record is electoral roll records in 2003-10 at 22 North View Close, Bath, and a picture from 2014, just the time she died:

Her 1939 Register line is still redacted, unfortunately.

Sarah Matthews - see 24th Mar 2014 - was baptised on 4 Aug 1861 aged 2 with siblings:

Also I have a scan of the banns for her marrisge. As you know, I don't much like banns, as the ceremony may not take place, but this one has a note on it that they were married on 10 Nov 1890. I did have a lot of trouble finding her, but now realise that after she married Joseph, who was 12 years younger than she was, she took 10 years off her age...

So, in 1891 they can be seen at 71 Avon Street, Bath and in 1901 at "4 Newborn Street" (as far as I can see, this address never existed and may have been a mishearing of "New Bond Street"), Joseph a fish dealer and Sarah "shellfish shopkeeper". By 1911 they were in the next street to Avon, son William now also a fishmonger, Westgate Buildings. Where they lived is now a Tesco Express with apartments above, no doubt they also lived over the shop. By 1939 they were at 18 Tennyson Road, a mile to the west, Joseph had retired, William married and living elsewhere, Sarah UDD. She was then 80, admitting to 68, but died 3 years later and Joseph followed 5 years after that.

Sarah Ann Matthews - also see 24th Mar 2014 - I have scans:
This was all fine, until I came across a 1939 Register which seemed to suggest she was living in Islington, London with a family called Alcock and 2 other UDDs. I had her death in Oct 1923, which I am tending to believe, as Charles did not leave her anything on his death 5 years later.

Sidney Albert Matthews - see 28th Mar 2014 & 6th Apr 2016 - when discussing the 1939 Register of Silas and his family - see Lily Louisa below - I hadn't realised the significance. Sidney is there aged 19, his record presumably recently unredacted despite his dying abroad. They were at 8 Weymouth Square, Bath and Sidney was described as "Coal Lorry Driver". As I told you, he died in Singapore in the Ordnance Corps in 1945.

Silas Matthews Senior my 3xg grandfather - see 28th Mar 2014 - was baptised 9 Nov 1783 in Gillingham, Dorset

and in answer to my query in 2014 I can see he married Martha in St Swithin's:

When she died on 22 Dec 1854 it was from hepatitis, and he re-married in just over a year. Silas died of "Natural Decay" aged 84, then his second wife Sophia died in 1878 of bronchitis aged 57.

Friday 1st February 2019

Phoebe Sophia Matthews - see 16th Mar 2014 & 3rd Apr 2016 - as elusive as ever, however I have traced the couple in Florida and discovered it is not our couple, as the dates of birth are wrong and they are black. None of the other records fit with date of birth and I cannot find a death under either Matthews or Hall.

Phyllis D Matthews - see 17th Mar 2014 & 3rd Apr 2016 - I have found her in 1939 Register, at Mount Rosa, as expected, with George & Rosina (her uncle & aunt). She is listed as "Confectioner's Shop Assistant" and a note is attached saying she became Vowles. This all tallies with what I knew, but it is always nice to have things confirmed. Findmypast and Ancestry have evidently processed her death in the past 3 years and so removed her redaction. Nothing new otherwise, as her dates are too recent for scans.

Robert Matthews 1 my 4xgreat uncle - see 17th Mar 2014 - is at the other extreme, very early, but I have found a scan of his baptism in 1787(hope you can read it - it says "2nd Sep Robert son of Edward and Mary Matthews"):

I still cannot track down the marriage, but having located her baptism 2 years earlier than she would admit, I suspect this may also be earlier. This of course supports the record I found in 1810, but as this was in Chichester I have my doubts...Anyway, I have now found her death on 16 Jun 1871 and subsequent burial at St Swithin's on 21 Jun:

Robert Matthews 2 - see 20th Mar 2014 - died aged 5, but I now have scans:

His nephew, Robert Matthews 3 - see also 20th Mar 2014 - I did think he maybe wasn't baptised, but I have now  found a record dated 1861, when he was almost 7 years old:

when Robert, Silas and Sarah were baptised together at St Swithin's. He returned to that church to get married on 5 Mar 1876:

Robert Albert Matthews - see 21st Mar 2014 & 4th Apr 2016 - aka Albert. He was baptised on 20 Dec 1885 at Bath Christchurch:

No further scans, I am afraid.

Robert Edward Matthews
aka Teddy - also see 21st/22nd Mar 2014 & 4th Apr 2016. These accounts paint a very detailed (if somewhat fragmented) picture, and I recommend you take the time to look, using the tabs for 2014 & 2016 above, then ctrl-F to find Robert Edward. I have scans:

Rosina Kathleen Matthews - see 4th Apr 2016 - was baptised on 23 Feb 1913 at Bath St Saviour, giving home address of Dafford's Villa

Marriages were both too recent for scans, I'm afraid, but in 1971 there was a directory entry, just after her second marriage (still under her old name of Vallance, as it took sometime to change these things) with an address of 109 The Oval, Englishcombe Park, and I have a photo of this road from some years before:

Tuesday 29th January 2019

Mary Matthews - see 10th Mar 2014 - nothing new except her baptism:

Mary Ann Matthews 1 - see 13th Mar 2014 - nothing new but scans:

Her niece was Mary Ann Matthews 2 - see 10th Mar 2014 & a little bit on 30th Mar 2016 - scans:
Mary Ann 1 & husband John (above) were witnesses at her marriage. Groom's father William Williams had run the Old Fox Inn, local pub, until his death 6 months before the wedding (both fathers had died but certificate doesn't say "deceased", which seems odd), when he had been living at Lisbon Cottage, Holloway, Bath. This was where Mary Ann was living, as you can see from the certificate above. Maybe she nursed both fathers. They probably knew each other from working in the same trade.

[This is the Young Fox Inn, Bridge Place, Holloway, Bath in 1965. The name may well have changed between 1876 and then, as the address appears the same. I suppose they may have rebuilt it and renamed it]

Mary Ann Matthews 3 - see 14th Mar 2014 & 30th Mar 2016 - after a few red herrings in the shape of a couple Herbert Swales and his wife Mary Ann, who emigrated to Australia, I have managed to find her baptism:

Welsh marriage records have not been scanned, but I do have the card relating to her husband's death:

Nellie Doris Iris Matthews - see 30th Mar 2016 - I can't bring you a baptism scan, as these only go up to 1914, and likewise the marriage is too recent. I have seen an electoral roll record from 2003-4 at Culverhayes, the nursing home where she spent the final years of her life

Norman Douglas Silas Matthews - I know nothing except that he was born in the Apr quarter of 1934 in Bath to Henry & Caroline née Spurrell and is probably one of the 4 redacted entries in their entry in 1939 Register at 6 Albert Buildings. I think he married Dorothy Beatrice Dyer in Jan 1967 in Bath, but cannot show any scans for these as they are too recent and they are both no doubt still alive.

Olive Ida Matthews - see 15th Mar 2014 & 30th Mar 2016 - I can see now that the 1939 Register entry has only 3 redacted lines and as I found a third child Kenneth born in 1935 this all makes sense. This was one of the few Register pages which was typewritten, rather than hand-written, and is typed on a clunky old machine with line spacing slightly larger than the form was designed for, so sometimes it doesn't match up, but was probably cutting edge technology at the time! I can also see that they both were cremated at Kensal Green Crematorium, Edward on 1 Dec 1971 and Olive 10 Feb 1976.

Olive Rosina Matthews
- see 15th Mar 2014 & 3rd Apr 2016 - there are a couple of interesting points here. Although she was born and married in Bath, electoral roll of 1935 finds them in Newbury, Berkshire, living in High Street, before returning to Bath for 1939 Register (this may not have been a good plan, as Bath was on the receiving end of a lot of attention in WW2) and David was only 5 months old. In the end, he survived until 2014 and has only recently had his record revealed. As I said in 2016 their house was destroyed but they survived, Bill going on to run the Swan Inn, Tytherington, Gloucs and remarrying after Olive's death. I see now that she was buried with family in St James' Cemetery on 5 Apr 1947 (I was initially thrown by a burial there of a William Coffin Stainer, but it turned out to be his grandfather) and her husband in Gloucs in June 1973.
Monday 28th January 2019

Lucy Matthews - see 29th Mar 2016 - she was baptised aged 5 on 11 Mar 1911, with sister Kathleen:

At this time they had moved from 32 Devonshire Street, Marylebone across the road to number 53, then a month later the 1911 census found them at 18 Colin Road, Willesden. After their parents died, she and Kathleen lived together and can be seen in 1939 Register at 14 Lawrence Crescent, Wembley
As I said in 2016, she remained with them for decades and finally died in Jul 1986 in the Hendon area.

Madeline Matthews - see10th Mar 2014 & 29th Mar 2016 - I have now found Madeline & eledest child Audrey in 1939 Register, at 9 Claremont Buildings, Bath with 4 closed files, presumably Frederick, Ronald, Sylvia & Barbara, all babies. I have found that the death that was postulated in London was a Madeline Matthews, when "our" lady was Lomax. So, I believe the death in 1983 in Adelaide is probably correct, although I cannot locate it. Here is a photo of Madeline in 1960s, I think:

Margaret Edith Matthews - see 29th Mar 2016 - as often is the case, I have found new records from either end of her life; baptism on 16 Jun 1907 at Bath Abbey

and her death, 18 Mar 1981 aged 73, at home , which they evidently named Dundas after their previous home in Bath, Campden Hill, Ilmington, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire

She left £18,611 but when Colin died at the same address 6 years later he left £234,184, the difference no doubt being largely the house.

Martha Matthews - see 10th Mar 2014 - nothing new

Saturday 26th January 2019

Lily Louisa Matthews - see 28th Mar 2016 - was a little difficult as I never quite got to the bottom of her exact name. It appears she was baptised on 14 Apr 1902 at St John, Peasedown as Elizabeth Louise, her father Silas James recorded as James. Her birth was registered as Lily Louise, but as that was her mother's name also it isn't surprising she was known as something else in the family. But in 1911 she was living with her aunt Elizabeth, so was called Lily there, however in 1939 when with her parents she was Elizabeth L. She died (still single), in Bath and was cremated on 11 Oct 1979 at Haycombe, under the name Elizabeth Louisa.

Louisa Matthews1 - see 7th Mar 2014 - I have found her baptism, but it appears to be a year later than I thought. This may be due to a typo somewhere or it may be correct. Her brother William had just died, so they may have been shaken up and rushed her off for baptism, although I am surprised they didn't also baptise 2-year-old Ethel at the same time.

On 5 Aug 1901 at St Stephen's she married Frederick John Ricketts and Ethel was a witness:

I have also now found voters' lists from 1940 and 1963; she can be seen at Vernon, Yale, British Columbia with sons Fred and John, listed as a Housewife, Fred as a driver, then a warehouseman.

Louisa Matthews2 - see 9th Mar 2014 - nothing new

Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Leah Matthews - see 6th Mar 2014 & 25th Mar 2016

1st marriage
2nd marriage
(although banns can be untrustworthy, this one definitely took place, as the note top left says)
She had her first child in the workhouse because she was illegitimate, then followed her first marriage with Rosa and Ernest (Lily may be Leah). After Frederick died in 1906 she remarried, this time to James Flint, who had at least 4 children already. I wasted a lot of time trying to pin down his first wife, but she doesn't really matter, except as mother to these children. I think she was either Emily Ensten or Maria Farrell, but she died in 1900, possibly as a consequence of Stanley's birth. After her second marriage Leah produced Ivy, Jessie and Amy. Electoral roll records place her at 14 Gee Street in the Old Street part of Finsbury 1920-31. As I said in 2016, James died in 1937, so in 1939 Register, Leah was alone, a disabled pensioner, and died in 1953. 

Leonard Harry Matthews - see 28th Mar 2016, when I said that in 1939 Register both siblings were redacted. I see that they have now released Violet's line, and she can be seen with date of birth 18 Jun 1916 describing her occupation as "light machinery and assembling small instruments and guage work". Leonard is still redacted, despite dying in 1995. Beatrice died 6 Jun 1989 and was cremated 13 Jun, Leonard in Jul 1995, cremated 20 Jul, both at Haycombe Crematorium. Royston, her son, is probably still living in the area, electoral roll records place him in Batheaston in 2002-3, daughter Heather married twice and died in Trowbridge, Wiltshire in 2014.

Leonard William Matthews - I haven't mentioned him before, as I know very little. He was born 10 Mar 1925 in Walcot to Robert & Henrietta née Jones, married Brenda Humphries in Bath in Apr 1950 and died in 2004 in Mendip, Somerset. He was the remaining closed file in 1939 Register with his mother and siblings at 22 Otago Terrace, as his father had died 9 years before.

Sunday 20th January 2019

John Matthews 1 - see 2nd Mar 2014. I have found his baptism:

and his first marriage:

Unfortunately I couldn't find a scan of his second marriage, to Hannah Daniel, originally a glover, then cook, although there are transcriptions, so I know it took place in Bath in Jul 1863. I have seen in the criminal records accounts of Hannah and her mother Mary in court for receiving stolen goods, in the 1850s, with descriptions linking the cases; Mary had lost her front teeth and Hannah was pockmarked. Despite this she must have been a good soul (maybe her mother was a bad influence) as she went on to be a nurse in Ilfracombe.

John Matthews 2 - see 3rd Mar 2014 & 23rd Mar 2016 - proceeding with the marriage to Agnes and subsequent emigration to America, it seems that he took a first trip to USA in 1913 when he was 19, then after the war went out again and established the tea business. He can be seen in directories of 1922-27 in Bristol, Connecticut, and Agnes joined him in 1923. He was naturalized in 1929 at Hartford, Connecticut and in 1930 census John and Agnes were living at the Home for Soldiers, Fitch. I can't see that the children went out with them, but don't know what happened to them back home if they didn't. It does look like Agnes travelled back to die in UK in 1955, but again I can't find her on any passenger list. We do have to bear in mind that this whole timeline may be false... and the fact that his middle name of Burton only appears on US documents doesn't help.

John Arthur Matthews - see 23rd Mar 2016 - nothing new

Jonathan Farland Matthews - see 3rd Mar 2014 where I told his full story but can now bring you scans of his baptism and marriage, both at St Swithin's:

As you can see, the marriage certificate gives his father as Jonathan too, but I think that was a typo/misunderstanding, as with that middle name it has to be him! I have also traced him through Directory entries; in 1847 & 1852 at Mary Le Port Street, a Freeman, then after marriage, settled with a family at 35 Northampton Street in 1864, shoemaker, and in 1884 at 2 Turner's Buildings as Porter. This was where he died 9 years later.

Kate Mary Ann Matthews - see 3rd Mar 2014

There are no scans for marriages in Hampshire, and I can't find her burial.

Kathleen Matthews
- see 23rd Mar 2016
but nothing else.

Laura Emily Matthews - see 6th Mar 2014 & 25th Mar 2016 - nothing new

Saturday 19th January 2019

Jemima Matthews - see 1st Mar 2014 - nothing new

Jemima Ann Matthews - see also 1st Mar 2014 - I have, as I have said before, new information on either end of her life:
I don't know if you can see, but she was buried on 30 May 1900 at Chingford Mount Cemetery, home address still 9 Sedgwick Street, Hackney

Friday 18th January 2019

Iris Caroline Matthews
- see 24th Feb 2014 - it seems FindmyPast haven't noticed she died in 2005, because she is still redacted, along with her 3 siblings, in Bath in 1939 Register. There is nothing new except an electoral register in 2003-5 when both she and Maurice lived at 47 Quarry Roack Gardens, Bath, which is in a "park home estate" not available on Google Streetview, so I cannot bring you a photo. This was presumably where she died.

Of the bunch of James Matthewses I studied in 2014 & 2016 I found nothing but frustration. So I will just summarize here in a list:
James1 born 1822 Bath: I have now found his baptism record:

However, although he can be seen in censuses of 1841 and 1851 in Walcot with parents and sibs, by 1861 he appeared to have married an Ann from Wiltshire and moved to London. Try as I will, I cannot match this up with a marriage and there are innumerable deaths under his name to provide alternatives.
James 2 (my 4xgreat-uncle) born originally in 1778 Gillingham, Dorset, died 1780, born 1781. His father died when he was 16, so I suppose he may have been the one who joined the army and went off to Egypt, lying about his age and consequently confusing me... All I can bring you is a really bad scan of his entry in the baptism record at St Mary the Virgin, Gillingham:

(Mind you, it is 237 years old)
James 3 I sorted the problem with his being called Eli by seeing a scan of the baptism record: as you can see, the registrar went to enter the wrong name in the column; Charles instead of James. He has corrected the address too, so wasn't firing on all cylinders that day, it seemed! Anyway, now I know that the 3-year-old who died in Oct 1871 was the one christened James in 1868:

The important James, however, is the one my database called James 4, my 3xg-uncle, born 1814 in Walcot - see 27th Feb 2014.
You will see I have the exact date now of his marriage (even closer to Eliza's birth than I thought!) I cannot find any burial records for Jane or James, except in London, which will not be correct as they lived at 22 Eastbourne, Bath with son George, still running the mason business until his own death in 1894.

Jane Matthews - see 28th Feb 2014 - my great great-aunt. No baptism I'm afraid, but I can bring you the scan of her marriage:

I have discovered a tenth child also, but as he died in infancy it isn't surprising he didn't show up in censuses etc.

Jane Ann Matthews - see 28th Feb 2014. I think she did die in childbirth a year after marriage, and her husband remarried. Scans:
(although the certificate clearly lies, stating "of full age", it has been transcribed as "minor", which she was, as she was not quite 19 and age of majority then was 21)

Tuesday 15th January 2019

Herbert Edward Matthews - see 20th Feb 2014 & 15th Mar 2016 - I have found his baptism now:

and his cremation on 11 Jul 1985 at Haycombe.

Herbert Frank Matthews
- see same dates - again cremated at Haycombe, this time 7 Feb 1978. With regard to his absence in 1939 Register, I have found a record which may explain it. A Herbert Frank Matthews joined the Queen's Royal West Surrey Corps in April of that year, was with them for 2 years, then transferred out on 17 Apr 1941. I can't say for sure that it was him, but service personnel were excluded from the Register for fear of "giving away" information to the Enemy.

Herbert George William Matthews - see 21st Feb 2014 & 15th Mar 2016, where I gave much detail. However I can add a few more, he was baptised on 19 Jun 1898 at Bath Abbey:

I have also seen his name on the Navy List, compiled in 1919, stating he was a temporary Sub-Lieutenant in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, presumably after hostilities ceased, aboard HMS President. It was 7 years later that he married and went off to Singapore. I have news of his end too - he was buried at St James's, Bath on 15 Jul 1937.

His father, Herbert William Matthews - see 22nd Feb 2014 & 15th Mar 2016, the architect and prominent person in Bath and London. I am very proud of this ancestor and his involvement in the great Empire Exhibition at Crystal Palace and forerunner of the Commonwealth Games, then sympathetic development of the Spa Hotel in Bath. the only new documentation is a scan of his marriage:

and some newspaper articles in the early 1950s mentioning his appearances in a Breach of Promise case between friends of his (not interesting). I see that when he died it was on 3 Mar 1954 in Westminster and he was buried 3 days later in the plot already occupied by his son at St James' in Bath. Apparently in 1970 they were joined by a Constance Matthews, but as I don't know her age, or marital state, I have no idea who she is.

Hilda Annie Matthews - see 24th Feb 2014 & 16th Mar 2016
The 1939 Register has been updated to show John William aged 13, at school, who must have died in recent years to clear his redaction. I assume that Hilda & William decided to evacuate the whole family, to avoid being separated in wartime, as a lot of families did if they could. Wiltshire was much safer than London, so they were wise. And they remained there for many years, William dying at 1 St Philips Road in 1994. As I said in 2014 Hilda died in Windsor in 1952, which is 70 miles away, near to London, so she may have had to have specialist medical care - she was only 55.

Horace George Matthews (my Dad's Uncle Horrie) - see 24th Feb 2014 & 16th Mar 2016. Also see 22nd Mar 2016 for my account of visiting the grave. Scans:
and those of his wife Elizabeth:

Monday 14th January 2019

Henry Matthews1 - see 14th Feb 2014. I have found new documents for either end of his life. He was baptised on 21 Nov 1830 at St Swithin's church

and he returned there 47 years later, as he was buried in St Swithin's churchyard on 21 Jan 1877

Henry Matthews2 - see 16th Feb 2014 & 12th Mar 2016 - was also christened at St Swithin's, on 31 Jan 1892

and I have some more photos to bring you:
1917 1920
I see from the photos that he was in the services in WW1, but I cannot be sure which are his records (I wish they included date of birth/address on all the medal cards). Two are likely possibilities: Private Henry Matthews with Royal Irish Rifles & Royal Fusileers and Sergeant Harry Matthews with Royal Engineers. (The other possibilty was Killed in Action in 1915 and medals sent to his widow in Yorkshire).

Henry Charles Matthews - see 14th Mar 2016 - I think I had the wrong 1939 Register, as he was not on it. I have found one now, in the right area, and has a wife Winifred. Unfortunately the date of birth is 3 years different and he is a conductor, but on the buses not musical... It seems the more I look the more confusing it becomes, and everybody is missing in 1901 census

Henry Francis Matthews - see 17th Feb 2019 & 14th Mar 2016. All I have to add is the marriage certificate scan:

Henry James Matthews - see 17th Feb 2014 & 15th Mar 2016

I have found his baptism, on 26 Oct 1851 at St James' Bath

I have also found wife Ann's death, in 1931 hence her absence from the Register 8 years later. No scans of marriage or burial, I am afraid. I have spent a very amusing but somewhat unproductive few hours chasing after a felon by the name of Henry Matthews, around the newspaper reports of courts in Glamorgan, only to find he was 30 years older than "mine"! He operated in a gang which included one John Matthews, who I had suspected was his father, but "my" John never left Bath! I must admit I am relieved, as they not only trespassed and poached, but raped and assaulted.

Sunday 13th January 2019

Harry Charles Matthews Senior - see 14th Feb 2014
In directories of Bath he can be seen listed in 1895 at 3 Pierrepoint Street as decorator with lodgings (hence calling himself "indoor porter" in 1901 census), in 1902 at 6 Lyncombe Place, decorator and 1911 32 Claverton Street a Carpet Layer. A newspaper item on his death told of another role he undertook:

His son Harry Charles Matthews Junior - also see 14th Feb 2014 I have straightened him out now. He was born 19 Mar 1893 in Walcot and christened there on 21 May:

and in 1922 in Bath he married Rhoda Rawlings, who in 1911 was a parlourmaid at 18 Belmont (a very salubrious address in those days
However, it seems she died in 1920, as by 1939 Register he was a widower. This Harry was a grocer, in Kelly's Directory at 5 Newark Street and 70 Walcot Street in 1919 and 1923.
70 Walcot St in 2012
(Newark Street was in an area badly bombed during WW2 and is now in the Southgate Shopping Centre). By 1939 Harry had moved to Bristol and is listed as "invalid". Maybe the two facts here are related! I cannot find a newspaper article regarding damage there, but have seen a map where the area is marked. In 1939 he was living with James Knowles, a decorator, who may have known his father, and Irene Knowles, probably this man#'s aughter. There is a note on the Register, to say that Irene became Matthews, written in 1944, then Toogood, written in 1952. I see that she married Harry in 1943, then he died 3 years later. She married Robert Toogood in 1952 and died 1966. The address in 1939 468 Gloucester Road, Bristol, was where Harry died

Harry Francis Matthews - see 14th Feb 2014 & 8th Mar 2016. As I said in previous studies, in 1915 he married Prudence Mackins, who at the time was a tailoress. By 1932 she had a shop, although I can't find out what she sold at that time, at 16 Talbot Street, Leek, Staffordshire. It seems that they moved to Stoke quite soon before 1939, as Prudence is in Leek still in 1936, with her shop. Looking at a map of the area at that time, it is obvious why they went there, as all around them were a multitude of railway lines, all gone now, as are the collieries and steel works they worked with. She ran her pub from home, but all I can find about this was that it was listed as a Beer House, not a pub as such with a name. I had thought it may have been the Trafalgar and gave the road its name, but it was the battle it was named after. The area just to the west was known as Etruria, and you may be familiar with the name from my Canal Blog, as Josiah Wedgewood and his potteries took over the area with the associated canals. When Harry died on 10 Dec 1972 and Prudence on 28 Jan 1974 they were living at 14 Cavour Street, Etruria. Nowadays numbers start at 64, as the road has been realigned.

Saturday 12th January 2019

George Albert Matthews - see 10th Feb 2014 & 8th Mar 2016 - nothing news but scans:

George Charles Matthews - see 8th Mar 2016. I have seen the school admissions records for him; 10 Sep 1907 he was admitted to St John's Infants School, Worcester (the home address was 1 Skinner Street, which is in the area known as St John's)

In the summer of 1910 he moved on to the Boys' School but on 1 Apr 1912 he had to leave, as his father died, and entered an orphanage. I'm not sure how long this was for, but the family was in chaos, as the father William died not long after they lost the baby Elizabeth. Mother Elizabeth presumably had to resort to an orphanage as she couldn't cope. Oddly, his brother William (2 years older) remained at the local school until 1913.

George Henry Matthews - see 10th Feb 2014 - nothing new except a scan of Emily's second marriage:

George James Matthews - also see 10th Feb 2014 - nothing new

Gertrude Annie Matthews - see 10th Feb 2014 & 8th Mar 2016. I see from the scan that her marriage was on 1 Sep 1912 at St Paul's, Bremhill, Wilts

No baptism scan for her, I'm afraid, but there is for her husband Fred

At her death, she was cremated at Haycombe Cemetery on 6 Mar 1972.

Harold Leslie Matthews - see 13th Feb 2014, when information petered out when he emigrated. I have now seen some Australian records and know his life afterwards. As I said, he travelled in Aug 1923 to Australia, saying he would settle as a farmer. After 10 years working on the railways I must admit I was surprised, but that was probably what they wanted to hear. He did settle well enough, marrying Mary Ann Gill Smith in 1927 in Maitland West, New South Wales and they can be seen there in electoral roll of 1931, at 23 Bull Street, Harold working as a "winch driver" (and Mary Ann "home duties"). During WW2 he enlisted 1939-48 in Newcastle, NSW into the Army Citizen Military Forces. After demob he returned home and can be seen with Mary Ann in 1949 at 22 Cross Street, Lambton, NSW, working as an engine driver. By 1958 he had moved on to driving a crane and lived at 12 Miller Street, Mayfield, Newcastle, then retired from driving in 1963, aged 65 to live at 46 Baker Street, Mayfield, but he kept earning, working as a "casemaker", maybe piecework from home. He may have continued this up to his death in 1972 aged 74, then Mary Ann followed in 1975 aged 67.

Friday 11th January 2019

Frederick Matthews2 - see 7th Feb 2014 & 7th Mar 2016 - nothing new:
In the search for heir Marjorie Beber, I see she was born in 1906, i.e. only 5 years after Frederick, so cannot be a daughter. In 1939 she can be seen with a Joseph (born 1875) and Mary E Matthews, who I do not know. So Joseph may be a cousin of Frederick I am not yet aware of..

Frederick Herbert Matthews
- see 7th Feb 2014, when I thought he died in 1876. I see now that he married Ellen Kettlety on 18 Sep 1875 in Bradford-on-Avon, her birthplace:

He is with the family in 1881 census, and by then they have 2 children. A third was born shortly afterwards; William Henry, aka Henry, and he can be seen in 1891 census with his grandparents, Ellen's parents, with his siblings, but the parents are nowhere to be seen. In 1901 Ellen resurfaces, calling herself married, but still no sign of Frederick, still in Bradford-on-Avon. She was listed as a woollen-weaver and son Henry a gardener, as in 1911 at 10 Kingston Road, Bradford, with Henry and a boarder. This was the address where she died in 1920, leaving her effects to Frederick junior and Florence, presumably her house to Henry. The only records I could find for Frederick senior, which may explain this, were criminal records for larceny on several occasions, each time with a term of imprisonment. The ones I found were too early to account for these gaps in the census, but he may have started young! (The records I was looking at ended in 1892). There was a death in Warminster, Wiltshire under his name in 1911, which may explain why she said "married" in censuses and "widow" at her death.

Geoffrey William Matthews
- see 7th Mar 2016 - he was the cousin who emigrated to Australia and was killed in a car accident. I have nothing new to add except my puzzlement at where he was in 1939 Register. He was 11 but wasn't at home with his parents in west Wickham so must have been evacuated. I hadn't realised this.
Later: I have just found his brother Roy in Brighton and there is Geoffrey spelled Jeffery! They were living with a Harry Stone, master gardener, at 42 North Road, Preston, Brighton and I now have the
exact date of birth 15 Feb 1928.

He left these shores 10 years later and I still cannot find a death in Australia.

George Matthews - see 10th Feb 2014 & 7th Mar 2016.
I was concerned about an apparent daughter Phyllis with George & his wife in 1939 Register, but I have confirmed (now her file is open) she was his niece (the Register did not give relationship status). A nice touch was that George called his house on Mount Road "Mount Rosa" after Rosina, his wife. George was a "scrap iron and metal sorter", very useful in wartime, and Phyllis worked in a sweet shop, Rosina kept house.

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Florence Minnie Matthews - see 6th Feb 2014 & 1st Mar 2016 - I can confirm the details given:
and that after marriage they lived next door to her parents. I have described the 1939 Register, and have sought the other children, but they could be evacuated anywhere. I think Florence died in Apr 1948 in Willesden aged 43 and Alfred in 1960 in nearby Hendon aged 58.

Florence Sarah Matthews - see 3rd Feb 2014 & 2nd Mar 2016, where I have told the detailed story.
There are no new records/scans.

Florence Valentine Matthews - see 6th Feb 2014 & 2nd Mar 2016. I see now that she was baptized on 21 Feb 1898 aged 3 with little brother george:

Apart from this there is nothing new.

Frances Annie Matthews
- I haven't covered her before, as all I really know is at her birth. She was born on 26 Dec 1904 to Henry & Annie née Hudson and christened on 15 Jan 1905 at St James, Clerkenwell:

She can be seen in 1911 census aged 7 living at 6 Rheidol Terrace, St Peter's Street, Islington with parents, sibs and 2 boarders. I had thought the next record was marriage to Robert W Warner in Islington but 1939 Register had thrown a spanner in the works! This record has all the features of a second marriage, in other words the Frances concerned was Matthews by marriage, not birth. And her date of birth is all wrong. She has a couple of children, surname Matthews, and a couple of closed files. So, I hesitate to attach this and the subsequent death in 1953 in Edmonton...

Frederick Matthews1 - see 5th Mar 2016. I have located him in 1901 census, at Foxham with his widowed grandmother Ann Newman, helping her out on the farm, along with his brother Alfred, aged 6. The search for a marriage document has produced banns (which are not worth a lot, as the ceremony may have never taken place)

but in this case I have seen transcription of the ceremony, on 19th Aug 1916, stating he was a 29 year old chauffeur from Chippenham, and she a domestic servant aged 24 from Great Somerford. Fathers are named as George Matthews and Andrew Porter, both labourers. I have also discovered his middle name was William. Again it was difficult to trace the children in 1939 and beyond, because I have no idea where they were evacuated or if they stayed there. Frederick died in 1965 in Chippenham aged 79. I found this ancestor somewhat emotional, as my late mother loved Malmesbury, and spent a lot of time there. Frederick's great-grandfather was my Dad's great great grandfather, which made him his 2nd cousin once removed I believe. Mabel grew up there and all these places mentioned here are less than 10 miles away.

Monday 7th January 2019

Ethel Georgina Matthews
- see 2nd Feb 2014 - I now have her baptism aged 1 month:

and her marriage:

Albert, as I said in 2014, had been born in Cornwall and emigrated with his family at the age of 5. He can be seen in Philadelphia with his family in 1900 census, aged 18, a silk weaver. In May 1906 he was naturalized and on 18 Apr 1910 they were married. Other scans are death records. Albert died in 1966 in Delaware Valley Hospital and was buried at Whitemarsh Cemetery, Prospectville. Ethel died on 16 Aug 1981 in Elizabethtown, Pensylvania and was buried at North Cedar Hill Cemetery, alongside the grave of her nephew Alfred J B Matthews, who died aged 8

NB I have tracked them down in 1930 census, rooming in New Haven , Connecticut, Albert an iron worker with a construction company, but no sign in 1940 (he gave home address as North Percy Street, Philadelphia 2 years later on draft papers).

Ethel Kathleen Matthews - see 3rd Feb 2014 (the one who was designated Imbecile)
There are no scans for baptism or marriage, so all I can bring you is the entry for her death at the Lnatic Asylum in Wells:

This shows she was admitted on 21 Nov 1911 (so from the Workhouse) and died there on 21 Jul 1921.

Evelyn May Matthews - see 1st Mar 2016 (please do, it's a dramatic story!). Looking for family members in 1939 I have tracked down Leonard & Violet, as expected, at 18 Third Avenue, with Elizabeth Giddings, their grandmother. Looking into this, I see that she too was killed in the air-raid in 1942, along with Eric, Violet and Evelyn, aged 68. I can also now see her name on the memorial plaque in the gardens

Going back to the 1939 Register, the only entry I can see for Evelyn is in Bristol with a couple called Frank & Mary Ann Matthews and their probable son Humphrey, all of whom I don't know...

Florence May Matthews - see 1st Mar 2016 - another dramatic tale! There were even more staff than I thought at Fanhams, as records extend onto other pages. I still know nothing about her husband Sidney Webb, and there are se vel 1939 Register records for that name. As I don't know his date of birth or if he was local, I cannot find his birth or even his death. He could be the Sidney Webb from Devizes who married Beatrice Hawkins there in 1912, but then again he may not. If so, he died in Chippenham in June 1975 and his middle name was Alfred, Beatrice died in 1959. I think Florence died in 1993 in Stroud, Gloucestershire aged 92.

Sunday 6th January 2019

Ellen Matthews my great great-aunt
- see 1st Feb 2014 - I can confirm they remained in Germany after their marriage, as daughter Anna was baptised there on 26 Sept 1864, and unfortunately died there before she was 5 years old, on 18 March 1869. As she was named after Phillipp's mother Anna Maria Ottilia née Kurtz this must have been a great tragedy to all. 
baptism death of Anna
Philipp was born 17 Jul 1839 in Frankfurt to Johann Bernhard Schirold and Anna Maria Ottilia nee Kurtz, elder sister Eva born 1831 in Frankfurt and died thereaged 48 in 1880. Philipp himself died there on 8 Nov 1882 aged 43. Ellen followed on 3 Jul 1919 aged 76 (can't have been easy to be a Brit in Germany then!)

Ellen Beatrice Matthews - see 1st Feb 2014 & 14th Feb 2016 - as I said, her husband moved around the country so their children were born in Bristol, Birmingham and Bradford (Ronald, Maisie & Beryl respectively) and Maisie died there aged 5. I can't find them in 1939, but as Ellen died in Bradford 6 years later, they were probably there. I have found son Ronald, who married in 1935, settled in Pudsey, nearby, with what could be a grandchild. Ellen has no scans etc, I am afraid.

Emma Jane Matthews - see 14th Feb 2016 - nothing new except a possible emigration, sailing from Liverpool to New York on board the Teutonic on 17 Aug 1903, listed as a 16-year-old servant. However, her name looks more like "Monthouse" to me, and she is crossed out with NOB by this, possibly Not On Board?

Friday 4th January 2019

Happy New Year Everyone. Hope it's a good one for you.

Elizabeth Matthews3
- see 1st Feb 2014
Although I can find nothing new, the scans confirm my story:
No burial scan, unfortunately, but no doubt it would be in Birmingham.

Elizabeth Kate Matthews - see 1st Feb 2014 & 15th Feb 2016. I now have her baptism record, conveniently giving both parents' names for confirmation:

The marriage on Isle of Wight was disproven by the scan showing father named as James. I know this is not always reliable, but I had my doubts anyway, as I said. There is one in 1914 in Peckham but she is a widow, so not Matthews. I can't find her with middle initial in 1939 and there are far too many without, as I said in 2016.