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Currently working on my late father's tree, mostly centred in London and Bath. It is mostly updates, having studied this tree in 2014 and 2016

Monday 31st December 2018

Eliza Emily Matthews
my great-aunt - see 30th Jan 2014 & 24th Feb 2016 where I told quite a full story.

Update on the pub she worked in: in 2014 I said it had just reopened as a restaurant The Peckham Bazaar, well it is still there, and is doing very well, having just announced another branch in West Dulwich. I can trace Eliza and Charles at 131 Gloucester Road from 1918, when she called herself Emily Matthews, to 1921 when she started to be known as Neighbour. Why they waited until 1938 to marry I don't know, as the only marriage I can see for his name is in 1907, and he was still single in 1911 census, so it is all very puzzling. I have found out that Eliza was buried on 10 Feb 1964 in Camberwell New Cemetery, one of those I visited quite recently, not knowing she was there.

Elizabeth Matthews1
- see 31st Jan 2014
I found a burial at St Swithin's but as it is dated 13 Jun 1856, I think there must be a typo somewhere, as her death was registered at that time in 1859. I cannot track down a scan for this, or for their marriage

Elizabeth Matthews2 - also see 31st Jan 2014
(sorry for the bad scans) Nothing for her death, unfortunately. I can see William rented home and garden from Joseph Trim in Gillingham until at least 1826 and Robson's Directory shows him functioning there until at least 1842 (although I still can't locate 1841 census) as a boot and shoemaker, after which he was no doubt retired. After Elizabeth died in1849 he may well have retired to Hampshire, if the 1855 death is correct in Southampton, and was buried there on 13 Oct 1855.

Sunday 30th December 2018

Eliza Matthews1
(my great great-aunt) - see 27 Jan 2014 & 12 Feb 2016 - told in much detail previously but I can bring a couple of scans:

not a baptism, unfortunately.

Eliza Matthews2 - see 30th Jan 2014 - no more luck today

Eliza Edith Matthews - see also 30th Jan 2014 - I have managed to find a baptism:

but, as before, I am struggling as she often went by the name Edith, her mother being Eliza too. I had found a marriage in 1904 in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, to Edgar Charles Howell, but looking at the scan of the register I see that not only is her father given as James (neither father nor step-father), but also the male witness was a Francis William Matthews, who I do not know.

Saturday 29th December 2018

Dorothy May Matthews
- see 25th Jan & 28th Feb 2016

As I said, the 1939 Register turned out to be the one with the 4 girls all at home with their parents, 3 of the 4 redacted, despite Dorothy dying in 2000 and the other two in 2004. Her second husband Dennis Brimble was still alive in Farmborough in 2010.

Douglas Henry Matthews - see 25th Jan & 28th Feb 2016. Now I see that only Leonard (his twin) is redacted, so Charles must have died (see below). Douglas died on 7 Jul 1973 in bath and was cremated on 12 Jul at Haycombe Crematorium.

Edgar Charles Matthews - see 25th Jan 2014 and 29th Jan & 28th Feb 2016. There were 2 red herrings of the same name, one a collier in Wales with a criminal record, one in Middlesex, staying at lots of addresses. But "ours" I can confirm was at 34 Harbour Road, Poole with wife Dora and 2 possibly 3 children (only one still redacted, the probable Terence). Edgard died on 1 Feb 1951 in Poole and was buried on 6 Feb at Hamworthy Cemetery

Edward Matthews - see 26th Jan 2014 & 31st Jan 2016. No new records; scans:
2nd marriage

Edwin Barnard Matthews Senior (my 3xgreat uncle) - see 26th Jan 2014

His eldest son Edwin Barnard Matthews Junior - also see 26th Jan 2014 - nothing new and the only scan I could find was his marriage:

Friday 28th December 2018

Doris Laura Matthews
- see 25th Jan 2014 24th Jan & 27th Feb 2016. Close viewing of the actual pages of 1939 Register came to the rescue again! As I stated in Feb 2016 I found her with her parents and 2 evacuees. I now also have her baptism, on 20 Apr 1903 at Bath Abbey:

Home address was given as 18 Bridewell Lane:
[number 18 is on the right side] They had probably lived there since her parents' marriage, were there in 1901 census, and moved to Wells Road by the following census in 1911. She also appeared on WW1 records of her father in 1915. I can also now give exact date of death 19 Mar 1977 and she was cremated on 25 Mar at Haycombe Crematorium

Dorothy Marguerite Matthews - see 25th Jan 2014 & 27th Feb 2016 - nothing has changed, even the redacted file on 1939 Register remains closed. But I can bring you her scans:
and the fact that she died on 14 Jun 1972 and was cremated on 21 Jun at the West London Crematorium, Kensal Green (one of the most famous cemeteries and special to me as the last resting place of Freddie Mercury)

Oops, I missed out Dorothy Lilian Matthews, mainly because I missed her out before. She was born 13 Nov 1913 in Bath to Silas and Lucy née Nicholls. In Oct 1933 in Bath she married Frank Stephen Holloway and had one son Sidney the following year. In the 1939 Register she can be seen at 9a Snow Hill with her sister Violet Miller and son Sidney aged 5, both sisters UDD. There is one redacted file, by the order of people I think it likely to be Sidney Miller, Violet's husband, but I don't know where Frank was. There was one by his name who travelled to Quebec in 1928, returning in 1931 but as he settled in Walthamstow it is likely to be another family. However, as he was born and died in Essex, this could have been a bigamous marriage. But I won't go into that. Dorothy died in Norwich in 2004, according to my notes, but as that was a long way from home I'm not sure about that either.

Thursday 27th December 2018

Auntie Con, Constance Lilian Matthews - see 24th Jan 2014 & 21st Jan 2016 - has developed quite a bit this time around. Looking at the 1939 Register in detail, as I now can, tells me they had already left "The Rye" and can be seen living with Les's parents at 196 Days Lane, Sidcup. What confused me was that the electoral roll record shows they were registered with her parents, but on the eve of war were living with his.

This photograph was taken in 1930, they lived just by the school on the right.
The Register shows that Les worked as a Telephone Operator for a Newspaper and Con UDD. 1964 electoral roll records are now also available, showing they moved from Peckham  to 10 St Audrey Avenue, Bexley in the previous year, and this was probably where they still lived when Les died 5 years later.

Constance Lilian Louise Matthews
- see 23rd Jan 2016 - was all wrong, as when I could see the 1939 Register she was a married woman. I see that Constance Pitt married W J Matthews so I can discount her entirely. I knew she wasn't at home with her parents in 1911 and have now found her with Aunt & Uncle in Peasedown (where her mother Lily was from, so maybe her aunt was sibling of hers), as they had no children of their own. However, by 1939 she could be anywhere, as there are 15,000 marriages in that name, 5000 within correct date parameters...

Daisy C Matthews - see 21st December below where I discovered she died in 1929 so did not last until the Register.

Daisy May Matthews - see 24th Jan 2014 and same 2016. I think I have disproved the death in Alabama - as I said in 2016 the record vanished - and I now favour the burial in Blockley, Gloucestershire under the married name of Garrett, 55 miles from Bath, where I think she was in 1939, working in a jeweller's shop and living with the manageress of a café. I believe she married William J Garrett in Chard, Somerset, and lived there with him until they both died in 1967.

Dorcas Maria Matthews - see 25th Jan 2014 - was a nuisance, not being known by her first name, and typo(s) re her husband. checking again, I can see James (and his father also James) clearly wrote "Pearceson", although Dorcas signed "Marie". There is a possible death for her in 1900, where she is a widow under the name of Pearce, but no obvious matching death of her husband a few years previously.

Monday 24th December 2018

Bessie Harriet Matthews
- see 20th Jan 2014, Arthur's sister (see yesterday) born 2 years later. Her record on 1939 Register shows she was a "paid domestic servant" in the household of a baker & confectioner at 18 Blake Brook, Kidderminster, aged 41. She died in that town 5 years later.

Charles Matthews1 - my great great grandfather - see 21st Jan 2014 for the (very interesting) story.
Also see 18th March below for his wife Jemima. Unfortunately any scan of the marriage seems to have vanished, as has the chapel. Charles' burial is odd, because he is shown buried in a plot at St Pancras Cemetery, Camden, in Feb 1873, along with 9 others, although his death wasn't registered until the October quarter of that year. Jemima later joined him in the plot when she died in 1900.

(the Jemima Stocks mentioned above was their daughter, who died in 1898).

Charles Matthews2 - see 23rd Jan 2014 - son of the above, nothing new

Charles Joseph Matthews, his son, has scans:
However, since I cannot find Charles in 1939 Register I have to go with his death in Paddington in 1930, although I have no burial record.

Charles Reginald Matthews - see 18th Jan 2016 - was the naughty boy who embezzled money from his employers the Co-op when he was 16 and died aged 41 on the way to hospital. 1939 Register helps me out in between these dates, and he can be seen at 22 Otago Terrace, which I understand is now Daffords Buildings, with his widowed mother Henrietta and another widow Mary Ann Jones, who may be her sister-in-law, both UDD. His brothers Thomas and Douglas were there too, both apprentices, and a closed file, probably the other brother Leonard. Charles was described as a "Butcher's Assistant". Rosina was by then married (for the first time), so away from the parental home. I have spent some time looking for Charles on directory lists but to no avail. He was aged 41 when he died, in an ambulance on the way to hospital. In 1942 it had been reported in the local paper that he had gone to hospital by ambulance after injuring his hand, so he may have made a habit of it!

Clara Matthews - see 24th Jan 2014 & 21st Jan 2016 - had a short story as she died aged only 18

Sunday 23rd December 2018

Alfred Silas James Matthews
- see 16th Jan 2014. A very fascinating but shocking revelation came about here. I knew nothing about him, but see from the 1939 Register that he was living at that time in the Stoke Park Colony, Bristol, a "home for the mentally-deficient" and in 1939 all patients were described as "incapacitated"
Unfortunately I can find nothing else, apart from a death record in Apr 1978.

Alfred William Matthews
- see 16th Jan 2014 & 17th Jan 2016, in quite a lot of detail. Son of Edwin and father of Alfred James I dealt with yesterday, he is the baker covered a lot elsewhere.
I see no new records.

Alice Kate Matthews
- see 17th Jan 2014

Alice Maria Matthews - see 17th Jan 2014 & same 2016. She died just before the 1939 Register was taken, so husband William & son Reginald can be seen still in Bradford at 19 Edmund Street, (I thought she was still there with them in 2016 because you could not view the sheets without payment)

William was a Sheet Metal Worker and ARP service volunteer, Reginald a Rep. I now see that William did not return to the Westcountry, as he died in Bradford, probably at the house above, in 1948.

Arthur Matthews - see 19th Jan 2014, where I told the story of his early married life bobbing in and out of the workhouse and then vanishing around the time of the 1911 census. I postulated he died in Lancashire in 1918 but think I have a more feasible story to tell. I have seen documents where he is attesting to the Canadian Expeditionary Forces in 1918, stating that he was in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry for 5 years 8 months as a private and was now staying with a friend Mary Duffy in Philadelphia, working as a "hostler" (I cannot find his original attestation papers, as WW1 records don't go back to 1912). Now, maybe he was the boarder staying in Swanscombe, near Dartford, Kent in 1911, working as a cement labourer (as most did in that area still in the 1970s when I worked nearby). As I cannot locate him in 1939 Register I suspect the death in London City in 1926 is correct or else he stayed in USA (there are directory records for his name, age, birthplace in Philadelphia to back this up, as well as several deaths that may be his). The only scan:

Arthur Charles Matthews
- see 20th Jan 2014 - nothing new here and no details on what I found before, but many possible emigrations. In 1939 Register I cannot find him, but there is an Edna E Matthews in Coventry with 2 possible daughters Marion and Edna, hairdressers like their father. She lived in Gulson Hospital in Coventry when she died in 1987 (now gone, 2012 was demolished) but there are too many Arthurs to trace him. I think he died in Worcester in either 1959 or 1967.

Arthur William Matthews - see also 20th Jan 2014 - scans:
Unfortunately Arthur didn't wait for the Register as he died a year before it was taken (almost to the day!) but Hester can be seen at 13 Kensington Gardens, as expected, with a schoolteacher and a labourer working on defence staying with her, she listed as UDD, and she died there 12 years later aged 68.

Saturday 22nd December 2018

Alexander William George Matthews - see 15th Jan 2016 - no scans and unfortunately no 1939 Register for him. I found his future wife in Bath with her family but not Alexander. The only new detail for him is his cremation at Haycombe Cemetery, Bath on 24 May 1991

Alfred James Matthews - see 15th Jan 2014 & 16th Jan 2016 - I have now found his baptism at St Swithin's in Bath, giving home address as 5 Upper Mount Pleasant. This is in Freshford, a village just south of the city

I told the story in 2014 without details of marriage, so shall correct that now: on 8 May 1908 he married local girl Bertha Anna Evans in Philadelphia and the following January had son Alfred Junior, who unfortunately died of diphtheria at the age of 8. I still cannot track down his (Alfred senior's) death, however.

Alfred John Matthews - see 16th Jan 2014. He was baptised on 2 Jun 1895 with his brother Harry, who was just 2

The marriage I favoured is causing problems in 1939, not least because in the middle of having children in Bristol they are living in Norwich. And in Bristol there is nothing...

Later: I have found baptism records etc for the children and I think the details are correct. Although home was in Bristol they appear to be in Norwich for the Register. My difficulties with the children's ages have been solved: Margaret and Maurice were twins and Margaret died when a couple of months old. Martyn wasn't born until they had all returned to Bristol in 1943, and then he died too in infancy.

We spent a fun few days in London, but I am back at my desk now

Friday 21st December 2018

Albert F A Matthews
- see 14th Jan 2016. 1939 Register dates of birth are all over the place (I suspect this enumerator was not taking his job completely seriously - he has half the Cann family in the road down as "Cant" and as I say half the dates of birth incorrect). Albert senior is listed as greengrocer shopkeeper, Florence UDD, Albert junior at school (here 12 although actually 13), John under school age" (he was almost 3, dob Oct 1936, although here 1937 given), Emma must be the redacted record, so maybe she is still alive. electoral records now extend to 1965, and all 5 are still there then. So both Albert junior and brother John must have died between 1965 and 2001

Albert George Matthews
(Uncle Bert) - see 12th Jan 2014 & 15th Jan 2016 - was baptized at St Mark's Peckham on 11 Oct 1914

I told of 1939 Register for him, living with his parents a few weeks before his first marriage. Aunt Olive was at 10 Woodcote Place, Norwood with her parents, listed as a Dairy Book-keeper, she also married a few weeks later. She remained with her parents, though, as war was declared almost immediately and her husband went off to war and was killed in action in 1945, son Malcolm only a few months old. When she married Bert in 1955 she moved into 135 Peckham Rye with him and his son Bob, his father had died in 1952 and Nellie in 1949. We also lived there until 1959. The only other new record is his cremation on 5 Oct 1995, having died on 24 Sep.

Albert John Matthews - see 13th Jan 2014.

Working around what I thought I knew of him in 1939 I found it was not him living with his daughter Daisy after Phoebe's death, and thus not in Brixton in the Register. Unfortunately daughter Daisy died in 1929 aged 28 and I cannot locate Albert, as he is probably called John and could be anywhere - there were 27 of these all over the country but none a carpenter.

Albert William Matthews - see 12th Jan 2014 - son of Albert Edwin and father of Albert F A.

I called him "Albert senior" when discussing the 1939 Register above, where he was at 13a Deacon Road, Willesden (an interesting aside here is that in 2016 I wrote that all 3 children were redacted, so 2 must have been released recently). I think I have tracked down deaths for him and Florence, aged 91 in 1985 in Brent - probably Willesden, where they lived all their married life - and aged 89 in 1988 in Enfield respectively.

Saturday 15th December 2018

William Walter Hennig
- see 9th Jan 2014 & 4th Jan 2016
I can't find a scan of his marriage, but it was in wartime. He was enrolled in the Lancashire Fusiliers and obtained three medals, but managed to pop out to get married in Chigwell, Essex on 17 Jul 1915. After discharge from the services he didn't retrn to office work, but found work as a labourer (as I have mentioned a few times in this blog). In fact he was admitted to hospital in Greenwich on 23 Aug 1920 with a hernia, necessitating a 35 day stay (nowadays a daycase). His records stated he was working for the Portland Cement Co. He may well have had another underlying condition though, as he died 5 years later aged only 35, as I said before, in St Bartholomew's Hospital, where his cousin my Dad died some 60 years later. He was buried on 19 Jan 1925 in Camberwell Old Cemetery with other family members, but when I visited a couple of years ago I could find no trace of the plot, as it was all so overgrown.

It's time to move trees again, and I shall go on to my Dad's Dad's side this time, as it is very nearly 3 years since I studied them last.

Ada Annie Matthews - see 10th Jan 2014
Somerset electoral roll records are still not available on Ancestry unfortunately and on Findmypast only from 1920 onwards. I have seen more detail on Williams military service: he joined the Grenadier Guards in Nottingham on 22 Jul 1880 aged 18 years 10 months and served as Private for 6 years active service, then discharged to Reserves 22 Jul 1886 for a further 6 years, making 12 years service in all. It was only a matter of a few weeks before he married Ada

I see she gave father's name as Thomas, which is odd but this happens more frequent than you'd think. Fast-forward to 1939 and the Register shows them at New Street, Scalford a few years before they died. William was described as "Ironstone labourer (retired)" - he was 78, and Ada UDD. She died in Jan 1942 and he in 1948, both in the Melton Mowbray area.

Ada Emma Matthews - see 8th Jan 2016 - no new records so I am just as confused!

Albert Edward Matthews - see 11th Jan 2014 & same 2016(!) Records from Ireland and New Zealand are trying to confuse me here! Unfortunately they (he & wife Emma) both died before 1939 Register, but I have sight of his military records: he joined the RAF 7 Jun 1918 "for the duration". He was 43 years old, a fishmonger, very short in stature (4ft 11in), living at 20 Colin Road, Willesden with 3 young daughters still at home. He was transferred to the RAF Reserve on 5 Feb 1919 and "deemed discharged" 30 Apr 1920. Emma died in 1929 and Albert in 1934, both in Willesden.

Albert Edwin Matthews was another cause for despair in the past - see 14th Jan 2016. I have seen a census for 1911 that seems to fit, where he was lodging at the Beehive in Walcot Street. However it does say "single" and he wasn't and I can't find her "at home" on her own. Matthews is far too common a name, unfortunately.

Friday 14th December 2018

Maria Wilhelmine Carolina Hennig
, my 3xgreat-aunt, has not been mentioned before, as I knew very little. I have spent several hours perusing German records this morning and can now tell her story. She was born on 7 Feb 1794 in Berlin to Johann Christian Hennig Senior & Anna née Schlueslern and christened there on 9 Feb at Jerusalem church. On 4 Apr 1813 she married Johann Gottlieb August Mathes. They had at least 7 children but both died in their 40s, Maria (or Caroline as she was often called) in 1836 aged 46 and Johann in 1841 aged 47, by which time their eldest was married but the youngest only 10. Both were buried in Berlin


NB It seems that German names in previous centuries were many and interchangeable - which of course makes it difficult for genealogists, among others - and they were often known by middle names, which doesn't help.

Maude Clara Hennig - see 9th Jan 2014
In 1939 they confused me by not being at home when the register was taken. I did find them though, staying with son Reginald at Wray Croft, Wray Lane, Reigate. It wasn't because they needed to get out of London as these addresses are only 6 miles apart. Arthur was listed as a Stockbroker, and Reginald a "Member of Stock Exchange and St Johns Ambulance", the two wives UDD. There were 2 redacted files, presumably the children Margaret and Richard.

Sydney Walter Hennig - see 9th Jan 2014. For some reason he has no scans and for a long while I couldn't track down the 1939 Register as Ancestry do not have it. I have tracked it down on Findmypast and, as expected, the family can be seen at 55 Woodlands Avenue, Epsom. Sydney was described as "British American Tobacco Assistant Registrar" and Maud UDD. There was one redacted file, no doubt daughter Patricia, as the other daughter Muriel had married in 1934 (although her first husband died in 1943 and she remarried 4 years later). Incidentally, in 2014 I said I lost track of Patricia after marriage. I can see now that she moved to Hampshire, where her husband died in 2001.

William Charles Hennig - see 4th Jan 2016 - was a bit of a dead loss in previous research and not much better this time
Examining his Military records, I see that he was posted to the East Indies Jan 1873 and was there until 2 March 1882, so he didn't marry in Oct 1881. He was stationed in Dorset until 1890, for the final year promoted to Sergeant, then discharged on 18 Nov 1890. I see that he had promotion in 1875 but then blotted his copybook and was demoted to private, then re-promoted to corporal 1880, sergeant 1882, colour sergeant 1888. He had trips to the Mediterranean in 1882 (1 month) and 1885 (9 months) then Egypt in 1886 (8 months), Med again 1888 and Egypt 1889 about a year each. He was discharged in Cairo after 15 days in hospital with pneumonia (blamed on the climate). There is a "William Henning" lodging in Bishopsgate in 1891 of the right age which may be him, working as a labourer, and a death in Lambeth in Jan 1896 that I mentioned before.

Thursday 13th December 2018

Herbert Augustus Hennig
- see 23rd Dec 2013 & 8th Dec 2015 - I outlined some addresses in 2013 but can now see they ventured into Berkshire in 1935, electoral rolls find them in Maidenhead. 1939 Register however shows that at the outbreak of war they were back in London, listed at 10 St James Avenue, Epsom. He described himself as "Manager of Motor Spare Parts business, trained as a Motor & General Engineer and now out of work". He died 2 years later aged 61
I can now also add details of Mabel's death; she died aged 92 on 16 Dec 1981 at Avalon Nursing Home, 5 Nevill Avenue, Eastbourne, leaving £25000.

Johann/John Christian Hennig Jnr
- see 2nd Jan 2014 & 17th Dec 2015 - I have an exact date of birth of 12 Aug 1797 now and a scan of baptism (sorry for the state of it but it is 220 years old)

and his marriage on 5 Oct 1824 in Berlin.

I see now that his wife Henriette probably died in childbirth, bringing daughter Henriette into the world as she died not long after the birth.

Johann Christian Hennig Snr 3xgreat grandfather - see 2nd Jan 2014 & 18th Dec 2015
I am reasonably sure the death record I found is correct; he died on 14 Jan 1842 in Berlin and was buried there on 17th

although I can't make any sense out of most of the information on the scan

John Frederick William Hennig - see 3rd Jan 2014 - my great-uncle.
I have now found his wife Henrietta in 1939 Register, by doing an address search, as I knew where she would be. This was 52 Castle Street, Isleworth and she can be seen there alone, an 87-year-old widow. She was still living there when she died 7 years later, although this was at 30 Twickenham Road, Isleworth, the West Middlesex County Hospital, less than a mile from her door.

His half-brother Julius Redmond Hennig, another great-uncle - see 4th Jan 2014. I can bring you scans of his baptism and marriage

but neither he nor his wife were around for the Register.

Another great-uncle Louis Alfred Hennig - see 6th Jan 2014
No scans, but I now know where they are buried. In Nunhead Cemetery, just behind the house in Peckham where I spent my forst 3 years, Uncle Louis is in plot 45, but was buried with 17 other people over a period of a month, he being the first, so I imagine this is a public plot with no stone. Maria followed 5 years later and the situation is similar in that 11 were interred into her plot. this is the problem with London burials. If the information is available at all, it doesn't mean there is anything to see. Much of the London cemeteries have been built on. Nunhead is one of the famous London cemeteries called the Magnificent Seven, so will no doubt be there for many years to come.

Mabel Elizabeth Ellen Hennig, daughter of August & Hellen, is one of those most pleasurable cases where a new bit of information clears up an old puzzle. See 6th Jan 2014 for my previous work on her, where I explained my difficulty with her death & probate in 1928. 1939 Register has sorted that by showing her still alive, living with husband Sidney Benson at "Meelands", Hynesbury Road, Christchurch, Hants, where Sidney, a "shipchartering and coal shipping manager" had retired to "owing to ill-health" (he was 54). Mabel died there in 1956 then he died in 1959 in Hove, living in the green bungalow, but died in Hove Hospital. This closed in 1996 and is now Tennyson Court

Wednesday 12th December 2019

Helena Hennig
- see 23rd Dec 2013 - I had another search for her and again could not detect her whereabouts until 1951. Granted, with such a very German name it was a good idea to hide when the 1939 Register was taken, so she may have used an alias. However, her exact date of birth gave 10 variations on Helena, most of whom were married, and none seems right.

Oddly, I have just been approached by a relative, Connor Baneck, regarding my next ancestor Henriette Auguste Charlotte Hennig - see 6th Dec 2015

(this was very wide across the page, so I have chopped it into two parts. Although I do understand some German, I find it very hard to read handwritten script. The numbers to the left of the bottom part are ages in years and months). The date of marriage is 8 Feb 1853 and it took place in Lobsens, Prussia, which is nowadays in Poland. I don't know why they went all the way over there to marry, as they were both from Berlin. Lobsens is now called Lobzencia, and they settled in a village just to the west of this called Rattey, now Rataje. As I said in 2015, after loss of their 9th  child in 1868 they left to travel to USA and established a dynasty in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Adolph died there in 1870 but Henriette lived on until 1905. I have traced a few censuses showing her in Eau Claire, including 1885, showing her as head of a household made up of 2 males, 3 females, 1 US born and 4 German, then in 1905 Henriette alone, a widow aged 72 from Germany, owning her own house.

Tuesday 11th December 2018

My grandmother Florence Augusta Hennig - see 21st Dec 2013 & 26th Nov 2015 - nothing new
I don't think I mentioned previously the fact that her husband spent 8 months in the Royal Navy Air Service during WW1, then was transferred to the RAF. She died in June 1939 and on 22nd Mar 2016 I described finding the location of her grave in Camberwell New Cemetery.

Francis Edgar Hennig - see 5th Dec 2015 - has been mentioned in bits & pieces before. He was August & Hellen's 7th child & youngest son, born 15 Jun 1892 in Camberwell and died aged 18 a few weeks after his first communion (see sister Edith below). He was the first in the family plot, later followed by his parents and brother.

Francis William Hennig - see also 5th Dec 2015 - I now have more detail on the household in 1939 Register in that he is listed as a Clerk in Drug & Food manufacture, which ties in with his trip to New York in 1950, as a Copy Writer sponsored by Glaxo laboratory. As I said before, also in the household was his mother Winifred, UDD. I had missed altogether his marriage in 1951 to Olive E D Hardyand I can now see her in the electoral roll records of that year at 181 Wadham Gardens, Ealing. By 1961 they had moved to 162 Littlehampton Road, Worthing, where she remained until 2011. As far as I can see, she is still alive (aged 90) living at 57 The Street, Ashford, Kent.

Frederick Charles Edward Hennig - see 22nd Dec 2013. I have a couple of scans but no luck in further records after marriage

Frederick William (Friedrich Wilhelm) Hennig, my great grandfather - see 22nd Dec 2013 & 23rd Nov 2015. There is nothing new

Grace Nellie Hennig - see 23rd Dec 2013.
This is a rather different story to be researching to the others I usually do.
I told in 2013 how she married Albert Preston, a clerk, and they settled in Surrey with their 2 children. Albert was quite a career-man; I have seen several transatlantic trips he took with his company between 1905 and 1930, some of them 1st Class. In 1927 he took Grace with him, travelling on the Caronia, a Cunard liner. On his 1930 trip to Madeira he gave home address of Woodfield Gardens, Leigh-on-Sea, Southend, Essex, which was probably the home of his son Kenneth. By 1939 they were resident at Tepestede, Garden Walk, Coulsdon, a really lovely big house worth over a million today:

1939 Register shows them there, Albert listed as Stock Broker and ARP Paymaster Sub Lieutenant RNR (Royal Naval Reserves), Grace Household Duties and a 21-year-old Domestic Servant. Son Kenneth and daughter Elise were both married and living in Southend. When Albert died in the Bromley area in 1956, probably in hospital there, Grace moved to Essex to be cared for by the children, and died there in 1968. Ken followed in 1978, then Elise in 1992. She was a lovely looking girl:
Elise Grace Preston
(She married a John Mitchell, Managing Director of a paper manufacturing company)

Monday 10th December 2018

Ernest Francis Hennig
- see 20th Dec 2013. Nothing new, as he just appears as birth and death aged 25

Ernest Herbert Hennig - also see 20th Dec 2013 & 23rd Nov 2015.

I now have sight of his WW1 record. There is included a huge amount of detail, some of which shows his lovely writing, and also includes some hospital memorabilia e.g. temperature charts and even labels for stool samples!

He joined the Australian Imperial Force 4th Battalion on 7 Sep 1914, having first attested in London when he was aged 23 years 10 months to 2nd City of London Fusiliers, "discharged on going abroad" after 2 years. It gives the usual personal details; he was very short for a man 5ft 6in and slight, only 8st 12lbs. Fair complexion, grey eyes and dark brown hair. His war:

20 May 1915 he embarked on board the "Commodore" for Dardanelles

1 Jun 1915 Joined the Battalion in Gallipoli

7 Aug 1915 sustained Gunshot Wound left thigh - operated for removal of shrapnel

8 Nov 1915 admitted in Port Said with enteric fever, diagnosed as Paratyphoid

13 Dec 1915 returned to Australia aboard "Wondilla" from Suez, medically examined and found to also have a heart murmur

16 May 1916 discharged as medically unfit with a pension.

It seems he worked for the Red Cross after discharge, as it shows on his marriage record 4 years later.

On Alice's death, a newspaper article seemed to say (very blurred) she was "beloved mother of Richard and Helen, mother-in-law of Allan and Beryl, dear grandmother of Etienne and Peter", but I cannot find Australian birth records etc

Ethel Maude Hennig
- see 21st Dec 2013 - Ernest Francis' sister
I can't find a scan of baptism, or even a record, so maybe she wasn't. This was odd as her siblings were. Anyway, I have her marriage:

In 2013 I told how she died in childbirth in 1916, her death registered in the Kingston area. She was buried on 21 Nov 1916 in Putney Vale Cemetery, Wandsworth. In 1939 Register, Richard can be seen at 80 Coombe Road, New Maldon, the address where he died 12 years later, with 3 sons and a Paid Housekeeper. Richard was listed as "Produce Broker". I cannot show you Coombe Road, as it is now very modern flats.

Sunday 9th December 2018

Mopping up the final Catchesides:

William Abraham Catchesides



He didn't even make it to his 4th birthday.

William Mark Catchesides died aged almost 3 months



William Robert Catchesides died aged almost 9



William Thomas Catchesides - see16th Dec 2013



He was buried on 28 Feb 1891 in Brockley Cemetery, joining wife Ann, who had been interred there on 18 July 1889.

Although I previously moved on from Catchesides to Coxes, following alphabetical order I suppose, I only recently did this family, so this time will move on to the Hennigs, as the only family I have not covered since 2015. The German ancestors may not have new records, but we shall see...

Arthur Henry Hennig - see 19th Dec 2013 - a classic as I have scans to bring you as well as the 1939 Register!



In 1939 Register he can be seen, as expected, at 60 Thornbury Road, Isleworth

He is shown as a 62-year-old panel-beater, working on cars, but the odd thing is that Minnie is still redacted, despite being born over 100 years ago and died nearly 40 years ago, outliving Arthur by 29 years - all reasons for unredacting her. I cannot find a scan etc for his death and burial. By the time Minnie died in 1980 aged 93 she was living in a nursing home called Oketon in Teddington

My grandmother's half-brother August Rudolph Hennig - see also 19th Dec 2013 & 30th Nov 2015.


I cannot locate a scan of their marriage, oddly, although I do know the details, including the fact that Hellen's father was a cutler too, so maybe they worked together. I can also see that he (August) was buried in Camberwell Old Cemetery on 6 Jan 1927, joining wife Hellen who had been interred there on 18 Mar 1921 with son Frank, who died in 1910 and followed in 1925 by son William. If you remember when I visited this cemetery I had no luck in finding this plot as it was all impossibly overgrown.

Their daughter Edith Kate Hennig - see 20th Dec 2013 & 23rd Nov 2015 - did not marry, so all I can bring you is baptism scan

and I have seen a sad little entry into St Philip's register in 1910. On 22 Feb she and her brother Frank were confirmed, he aged 17 she 15, and they celebrated their first communion. In a matter of weeks Frank had turned 18 and died. There is a faint note in the register to this effect. He is one of the sons who are in the burial plot at the Old Cemetery mentioned above.

1939 Register shows her in Hove, Sussex, as I reported in 2015. I have seen the full thing now, but she appears to be alone with no occupation, at 143 Hangleton Road, as expected

The family were reasonably well off as August left a goodly share to their daughters when he died, so she probably didn't have to work. When she died she was living in Flat 15, 14 Kings Gardens, Hove, right on the seafront. These flats are 2 bedroom and go for half a million now. She was 90 and left £47,718.

the view from here

Saturday 8th December 2018

Richard Catchesides - see 23rd Mar 2015 - still nothing new


Robert Richard Catchesides1 - see 13th Dec 2013 - scans


Still no sign of a death record for him.

Robert Richard Catchesides 2 - also see 13th Dec 2013 - his son, nothing new



I haven't mentioned Sarah Dorothy Catchesides before, as all I know is her baptism on 5 Jul 1801 at St Mary's, Rotherhithe, parents Abraham & Sarah née Pratt:

The death I thought was hers turned out to be for an 84-year-old, when she was 51.

Similarly, her sister Susannah Catchesides has only a baptism on 11 Jun 1815 at St Mary's and nothing else

All I have for William Catchesides is a burial scan - see 16th Dec 2013

William Catchesides 2 - also see 16th Dec 2013



But no death record as I suspect this occurred in the South Pacific, and I can find nothing in the newspapers of the time mentioning his name.

Friday 7th December 2018

Matthew Catchesides (sawyer) - see 12th Dec 2013 - scans:



Apart from these, I cannot find anything. As they lost two daughters in infancy they would be prime canididates for emigration, but records are scarce so early.

Matthew Catchesides 2(Junior) - see also 12th Dec 2013 & 22nd Mar 2015 - I have found 1841 census record for the family and he can be seen there aged 6 months with his parents Matthew and Jane née Wells. The problem with trying to trace this name is that 1841 census shows Matthews senior and junior at Phoenix Vale, Lee, Lewisham, then Kent, now London, then stories in newspapers in the next couple of decades in somewhere called St Johns Lee, apparently near Hexham, in Northumberland. As this Matthew lived at Tyne Villa in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey and The Riding, St John Lee, Hexham, he may well be the same person. However, I do not think this is in the same league as Lee, Lewisham, a much coarser place by all accounts. Although the Catchesides in the North are interesting, they are not related, as I can see. Even the one who married a Mary was not this one, as the Mary concerned was Mary Charlton, daughter of a surgeon. So, in 1851 census he is still missing; only Richard is at home with their parents. No further sign of him or his wife after this and I have now discounted the death in 1851 I mentioned in 2015

His father Matthew James Catchesides, the butcher I called Matthew Senior above - see 12th Dec 2013, also got caught up in the Newcastle records, much to my confusion. One of the causes of confusion was they were born in the same year 1811. But "our" Matthew always gave the wrong age to census-takers; as I have said, people were often quite ignorant of their own date of birth if they were born before registration came in in 1837. As I said, they can be seen in censuses of 1851-1871 in Greenwich, in the latter he had given up butchery and taken to cab-driving, then he died in 1878, 3 years after his wife, and they were buried in Greenwich cemetery.



I see that towards the end he was in Greenwich Workhouse, where he was looked after until June 1878, then he was transferred to the Infirmary and died there in the October.

Tuesday 4th December 2018

Henry Albert Catchesides - see 20th Mar 2015 - I was surprised to see that at his baptism at the age of 11 he wasn't with others, as that is usually the reason for late dates. As he died 12 years later maybe this was when he first became ill

Jane Elizabeth Catchesides - see 5th Dec 2013 & 20th Mar 2015 - 


(sorry this is so "dotty", but you can see the number 28 on the end, indicating she was 28 days old, and thus giving the date of birth of 15th Feb)


And I have more detail on her death. Previously all I knew was that her death was registered in Camberwell (where she lived) in the October quarter of 1890. I know now that it was in late December of that year and she was buried on 5 Jan 1891 in Southwark.

John Abraham Catchesides - see 21st Mar 2015 for a very detailed account!



He died, as I said, in late October in Rotherhithe aged 41 and was buried on 5 Nov 1866 at the burial ground of St Paul's Deptford.

John Thomas Catchesides - see 9th Dec 2013 - scans of both baptism entries:


(I am not sure whiich was the correct one, in the one in February he was one of 4 babies)

He was buried 20 Feb 1875 in Southwark.

Joseph George Catchesides, his brother, was born 8 Feb 1804 in Rotherhithe and christened on 11 Mar 1804 at St Mary's aged 31 days:

There was a red herring with the same name, making out that when he died in 1973 he was 169 years old! This is the only death I can find, and also no marriages.

Louisa Agnes Catchesides, my great great grandmother, see 10th Dec 2013 for detailed story. Although she was baptised at St Mary's Rotherhithe on 31 May 1833 and transcriptions are available I cannot find a scan to bring you. Her marriage:

but again no scan of her burial, as it may well have been a paupers' grave arranged by the Workhouse.

Margaret Catchesides - see 12th Dec 2013 & 22nd Mar 2015



I think I have tracked down burial records for them too. I think both Margaret and John died in Islington, where youngest son John was born in 1793, and were buried in the cemetery Spa Fields there, Margaret on 1 Apr 1821 and John 29 Oct 1795, 21 Jun or 22 Dec 1796 or 21 Sep 1823 (there are a lot of John Matthewses).

Mary Ann Catchesides - see 12th Dec 2013, when I was concerned re her marriage at 14 and disappearance after 1871 census. I may have solved the latter by finding a Mary Ann Dennis, widow of Andrew, living in Toledo Ohio. UK Passenger Lists don't go back that far, so I cannot check that listing, and there are several US records, but none with the correct date of birth. Meanwhile, her baptism

gives a birth date of 5 Jan 1807. From the scan of her marriage:

I see Andrew was a widower, but I cannot find an earlier marriage.

Monday 3rd December 2018

Doriah Catchesides and twin Jane - see 1st Dec 2013 - died aged 2 days on 8 Jan 1764. I had the name as Dorian, but can see from the scan of burial it is clearly Doriah, and this is the only document there is.

Their sibling Dorothy Catchesides had more information, and stories told in 2013 - see tab above.




I have also seen scans of taxes paid on the house, in the name of Thomas in 1807, then house and shop in the name of Dorothy between 1822 & 1831, also her Last Will & Testament (too much to bring you here). There are also Waterloo-based pipe-making premises in the records in the name of William Cluer, who may be Thomas' brother. He also was a "naughty boy", was transported to Australia for Highway Robbery in 1792, taking his business with him. It will have been the remnants of the family business in UK (originally run by their father John) that Dorothy picked up on Thomas' death and ran along with son John.

Eliza Mary Catchesides 3xgreat-aunt - see 2nd Dec 2013 for full story. I have found a burial record for her husband William Moorhouse; he was buried in 1888 in Camden with other members of his family. And I have found Eliza in 1901 census, working as Housekeeper for a Chemist in Mottingham. Kent.



No burial scan for her, unfortunately.

Emily Catchesides - see 16th Mar 2015



Frederick James Catchesides - see 16th Mar 2015


As I said in 2015 he does not appear to have been baptised, but I have found a burial record, at Lewisham on 10 Jul 1913.

His brother George Cafoy Catchesides was very similar, as I said on 19th Mar 2015. He did not appear to be baptised, but I have a scan of his marriage record:

He died a few weeks before the 1939 Register, and was buried on 15 Aug 1939 in Lewisham. His wife Sophia survived another couple of years, but as a patient at Bexley Mental Hospital, that I knew 40 years later as The Heath. She died there in 1941 aged 79.

Sunday 2nd December 2018

I'm back from the New World; we had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Now it's time to catch up wit the Catchesides, having last studied them in 2015.

Abraham Catchesides (4xg grandfather - cooper) - see 25th Nov 2013 & 12th Mar 2015 - scans are available:



Sarah's burial

I have also tracked Sarah down in 1841 census, at the Rotherhithe Workhouse as expected. So she lived there for at least 2 decades, probably since Abraham died in 1823 (possibly up to 30 years).

His son Abraham Joseph Catchesides (3xg grandfather - shipwright) - see 28th Nov 2013 & 12th Mar 2015. No new records, but a full set of scans: