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Currently working on what I call the Matthews tree, mostly centred in Bath and London, England
. I worked on this tree here in 2013, so this is an update. (It is my father's tree).

Monday 21st December 2015

What happened on this day:
20th Dec:
Ernest Herbert Hennig was born in 1887 and
George Dance in 1794
Phoebe Wooldridge married Joseph Sams in 1879 and
Frederick Maunder Retallick married Ann Whitwam in 1919
William John Knight died in 1879 and
John Knight was buried in 1896
21st Dec:
Ann Woodford married James Monk in 1852

I have mentioned Maria Carolina Hennig in passing. She was born in Jan 1794 in Berlin to Johann & Anna and christened there on 9 Feb 1794 at Jerusalem Church. She married Johann Gottlieb August Mathes, but I still cannot locate the marriage record. They had one daughter Marie Alwine, but as Ancestry pointed out, she was 37 at the time, so it is not surprising this was an only child. Maria was evidently not strong, as she died on 22 Jan 1841 aged 47 in Berlin.

Friday 18th December 2015

What happened on this day:
Charles Manhire was born in 1890
Edward John Roffey in 1808
Alfred Silas James Matthews in 1911,
Frederick William Hennig died in 1936
Rebecca Sturgess née Roffey in 1967 and
Frederick Hennig in 1879
Linda Ada Wood née Cox in 1936,
"Joseph Woodford 2" was buried in 1882

There is little information on Johann Christian Hennig senior, father of the one yesterday, my 3x great grandfather, as it is so early. I have found a death record which may be his, dated 14 Jan 1842 in Berlin, giving an age of 80 and thus a birth date of 1762. This would make him 31 on marriage, and he died just a year after his daughter Maria. The only death record I can find for his wife Anna Regina Carolina is in the name Anna Maria, (although married to Johann Christian) in 1806, aged 45 (so similar age to her husband).

Thursday 17th December 2015

What happened on this day:
Grace Nellie Hennig was born 1883
John William Wooldridge in 1908 and
George Matthews in 1897,
"George Wooldridge 2" was christened in 1820
Martha Wooldridge in 1815
Thomas Stephen Hodd in 1854 and
Ellen Louisa May in 1882,
Thomas Dance married Louisa Coleman in 1811
George Roffey married Jane Elizabeth Smith in 1840
Thomas John Manhire died in 1964

The Ancestry site, which I use most of all, has changed the layout and functions of the website, so I shall have to study it in detail to get the hang of the new appearance and make sure I am using all the new information. At first examination it does look to be improved, as each ancestor's profile has events like death of wife, daughter etc, which it never had previously.

However, I have heard there are many errors, especially for those of us not in USA where placenames etc are changed to their equivalent in the States, so I shall keep a lookout particularly for those.

I dealt with Johann Christian Hennig jnr on 2nd Jan 2014, but didn't have a death record for him. I have now found one dated 10 Sep 1865 in Schwerin, Brandenburg, although it does have the age wrong. I have previously said that this is not completely trustworthy however, as sometimes an age at burial is a guess (unreliable for obvious reasons). On this map his birthplace of Berlin, Prenzlau, his wife's birthplace and place of death Schwerin can be seen:

Monday 14th December 2015

What happened on this day:
Amelia Knight married John Roberts in 1874 in Australia
Silas Matthews married Sarah Williams in 1853
Henry Taylor married Sarah Jarvis in 1840
Percival Wooldridge died in 1927
Herbert Ernest Wooldridge in 1991
Eliza Roffey in 1893 and
Cordelia Haines née Woodford in 1911

Sunday 13th December 2015

What happened on this day:
Ernest Alfred Woodford was born in 1886
Harriett Woodford was christened in 1840
"Thomas Woodford 2" married Sarah Gregory in 1825
John Dance married Hannah Gibbs in 1853
William Retallick married Ann Roberts in 1851
Ernest Knight died in 1932
Hilda Knight in 1943 and
Woodman Manhire in 1914

I have searched 177 Matthews records at Honor Oak Crematorium - none matches with mine (including their wives) - and there are no Hennigs. St George's Churchyard only has 140 records at present, and none familar to me.

I have, however, found the cremation records, elsewhere, of my Uncle Bert and Aunt Olive, and will include them when I get to them in the routine research.

Saturday 12th December 2015

What happened on this day:
Louisa Minnie Woodford was born in 1898
Charles James Robert Parker in 1884
John Retallick was christened in 1791
Maria Matilda Roffey died in 1866 and
Charles John Cox was buried in 1935

Pressing on with checking Honor Oak Crematorium, although so far they are much too recent.

Friday 11th December 2015

What happened on this day:
Mary Agnes Woodford was christened in 1864
Hannah Woodford married William Palmer in 1854 and
Albert Woodford died in 1960

This morning Findmypast told me of new records being made available for baptisms and burials in Leicestershire. I was very excited about this and set to with a will, only to find none of the new parishes included any of my ancestors.

However, the Camberwell records I worked on a while ago have now been extended to include the Honor Oak Crematorium and St George's church graveyard, so I am working through those.

Tuesday 8th December 2015

What happened on this day:
7th Dec:
Frances Burbage Woodford was christened in 1828 and
Edwin Woodford died in 1937
8th Dec:
"Thomas Cox 3" was christened in 1751 and
Charles Retallick in 1863
Sidney George Cox married May Lilian Fitzgerald in 1935
Catherine Retallick married John Borlace Hawke in 1864 and
Thomas Henry Hodd married Jane Burns in 1873

A little bit about Herbert Augustus Hennig, whose wife I couldn't find after his death. I have now tracked her down and she lived for some years at 263 Chiswick Village

before retiring to Eastbourne in her latter years. I had hoped to find them in 1939 Register, but this name is so often mis-spelled I wasn't surprised to draw a blank. Electoral Roll record of that year puts them at Epsom, at 10 St James Avenue.

Sunday 6th December 2015

What happened on this day:
Florence Sarah Matthews was born in 1905
Alice Kate Morley née Woodford died in 1848 and
Joseph George Roffey in 1940
Hannah Roffey née Smith was buried in 1956

Henriette Auguste Hennig was born in the Berlin area on 14 Dec 1833 to Johann & Henriette née Krumrei (I do have to state that a lot of these details are either from other genealogists or from much later census records, so may not be correct) and was christened on 18 Dec 1833 at Neukirche, Berlin
In approx 1853 (first child was born in November of that year) she married Adolph Wilhelm Dehnke and they had 9 children in Prussia. However, in 1868 the 9th child, named after his father, died aged 3 and, as I have so often noted in the past, this prompted them to up sticks and emigrate. They sailed from Hamburg on 1 April 1868, leaving son Heinrich aged 11 to follow on (maybe he was in a apprenticeship - he followed 5 years later!) aboard the SS Gutenberg, to Quebec & New York. 1870 census found them at Lincoln, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where they had settled on a farm, Adolph working as a Blacksmith and the 3 eldest boys on the land. There were now 6 other children, as baby Julius had arrived in February. The youngest Ernst was born there the following April, but unfortunately Adolph predeceased him, dying 27 Nov 1870 of typhoid (Ernst died aged 5 in 1877). He was buried 30 Nov in the St John's Lutheran Cemetery, Falls Creek

Eldest son Erdmann (Edward) is also buried there, as he had died aged 16 on 23 Oct of "nerve disease"